Photographer, bike rider and witty Scotsman/Austinite Sandy Carson has a new photo book available, entitled I’ve Always Been a Cowboy in my Heart. Its 128 pages of casual, funny and interesting observations which span many years. Go HERE for more info and to order a copy.

We spoke to Sandy about the book, so click below for a Q&A and a few photos from the book.



Jonny Clarke (aka- resident Eastside Trails photographer) provides a glimpse into the radness and sadness of these gnarly trails in Austin, TX. Lots of hard work, dedicated locals, great sessions, but also epic flooding (hence the sadness part).

Click below for the gallery and shoutout to Jonny for putting this together. Be sure to check out his site for more of his work.



When not in front of the camera or making sweet Hi8 videos, you can catch Arizona’s Eric Bahlman behind a camera snapping pics. Click below for a mixed bag of rad photos courtesy of Eric Bahlman, along with some words from the man himself.



Q&A: Murphy Moschetta

Photo – Tim Lyons

Murphy Moschetta is a photographer out of Pittsburgh, PA. It was his B&W film portraits that initially caught my attention. Click below for a Q&A to learn more about the dude.



Photographer Vince Perraud is no stranger to Defgrip. He has been featured on the site numerous times and has provided a bunch of great photo galleries over the years. Go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for a few things.

As of late, Vince’s photography is evolving and his subject matter and images are varied. Murphy Moschetta cited Vince as a favorite photographer in his Q&A above, saying – “Vince Perraud ( bikes or not, he finds the best light!)”. This triggered an idea in my head, so I approached Vince about contributing a gallery of non-BMX images using cool light as a general theme/vibe. And here we are.

Click below for the pics.


Behind The Photo w/ Justin Kosman

Justin Kosman with the deets behind this rad photo of Dean Dickinson.

Click below to read.



Photographer Travis Mortz is not scared to take numerous cameras to events, especially not frankenstein ones that he has made himself (more on that below)!

We’ve always championed different/original takes on things here at Defgrip, so when Travis mentioned to me that he had polaroids from Swampfest from a camera he made himself that produced interesting images that he was willing to contribute to Defgrip for this this batch of updates, I was all about it.

Click below for some “Frankenstax” pics, along with some words from Travis himself.



The homies Javee and Jerms are always carrying their analog film boxes and pushing #35MMFOREVER. Click below for a random collection of pics from the both of them.


Jeremy Pavia @ Random

travis collier, jeremy pavia, flatland, photography

Whenever I get a text or call from a rider coming through the L.A. area looking to shoot I make it a priority to link up and see what comes of it. I don’t always have a plan for photos, and it isn’t necessarily a priority to figure that out beforehand either. I have been fortunate enough to make some solid connections along the way over the years and that allows me the freedom to shoot and figure the details out later. I have also grown to love just letting things happen organically. I’ve worked in print long enough now to appreciate just going out to shoot and enjoying that experience for what it is and not always focusing on the end result. That is what happened in this case with Travis Collier. I met Travis years ago when I first moved to California and I’ve always appreciated him as a pro rider as well as an artist/designer. He’s played an important role in the flatland community and has offered his own style and take on riding for as long as I’ve known of him. We set out to meet up, shoot a few flicks and catch up for a bit as he was only passing through town on a trip. Here he is caught mid steamroller varial on the streets of Hollywood. This photo to me is a simple reminder that it is sometimes better to leave the plan at home and just see where you end up.

Travis Collier
Steamroller Varial
Hollywood, California

ISO 500
Canon 6D
Canon 70-200L
SanDisk Ultra 32GB memory card
Edited on a Macbook Pro
Using Adobe Lightoom & Photoshop CC 2015

– Jeremy Pavia

Be sure to check out Jeremy Pavia’s site right HERE.

Spenser Lee Photography

spenser lee, photography, bmx

Spenser Lee out of Arizona recently threw up a new photo site. Click HERE to poke around and enjoy the various visuals.

Joe Bailey

joe bailey, bmx, photography, uk

I (somehow) just now came across Joe Bailey through the explore page on Instagram, which led me to a post where he was waxing philosophical about Ride UK’s recent changes, which lead me to his photo site which led me to realize that he’s a rad photographer and I recognized some of his stuff! I love the internetzzzzz.

Click below for some quick photos that caught my eye, then head to his site where he’s got a great mix of visual goodness.


7 Apps for Better Phone Photos

best photo apps, iphone, gear patrol, photography, best apps, vsco

In case you have difficulty browsing iPhone apps or are just too lazy to do so, the folks at Gear Patrol called out 7 photo based apps that could come in handy in THIS feature. I learned about some new ones myself. Really doe, that illustration above is sweet.

Beef up your app quiver young iPhonographer.


Trent Sunset

…has begun in the midwest.

Polaroid film is complex.

Everyone loves playing around with instant film, so get educated a bit with this video that shows the complexity of the film and some of the manufacturing process.

The Harrison Boyce Alternative


Alternative has teamed up with Defgip’s very own Harrison Boyce to create a capsule of Organic Pima Cotton T-shirts featuring Harrison’s photography.

If you’re in NYC this Thursday 6/19, come by the shop and have a drink with us to celebrate, and see some more of Harrison’s work.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, check this conversation with Harrison about the capsule.