When not in front of the camera or making sweet Hi8 videos, you can catch Arizona’s Eric Bahlman behind a camera snapping pics. Click below for a mixed bag of rad photos courtesy of Eric Bahlman, along with some words from the man himself.



Photogallery: Dakota Roche by Nick Tellez

dakota roche, nick tellez photo

Photographer Nick Tellez is someone I learned about through Dakota Roche’s Instagram a little while back. Seems as though he was always shooting with Dak, but wasn’t your usual everyday BMX photographer. Looking at his site and Instagram, I was right. Nick holds it down with rad surf pics, lifestyle, scenic goodness in addition to BMX and skate.

I reached out to Nick about doing something for Defgrip and he was down. I had originally suggested doing a general photogallery with a mix of photos since he shoots a wide range of stuff, but Nick suggested doing something with a Dakota theme. I was totally down for this and thought it was a great idea. We still plan to do another mix gallery later this year too, so keep your eyes peeled.

With that said, click below to check out a rad Dakota Roche gallery by Nick Tellez.


Photogallery: X Games Austin

x games, austin, 2014, chris doyle, bmx

X Games Austin has come and gone, and I must say that I rather enjoyed the new location and setup. It was convenient, easy going and a nice change of pace for X. I got to see some old friends, met some new ones, drank lots of water and acquired a farmers tan.

Click below to check out a gallery of photos I shot from 4 days on the ground and lurking around the place.



Photogallery: RIP Tulsa


Last month I was fortunate enough to partake in a journey with several of my friends to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had originally proposed the idea a month or more before the trip occurred and did not hear anything about it until a few days before. It was a surprise to me that it was actually occurring.

Scotty Wemmer, Bobby Simmons and Rob DiQuattro had all journeyed to Columbus to meet up with Scott Marceau and myself. From there the five of us had headed down to Louisville, Kentucky to stay the night at Jordan Stump’s house. In the morning Phil Bossmeyer and Tyler “Kid” Rembold had shown up after they had worked all night. The Word Crew (Jordan, Phil and Tyler) all work third shift and had little rest for the 10 hour adventure we had ahead of us. The 8 of us packed up the bags and bikes and then headed out west.

The photos taken documented the entire trip; Hotels to hospitals and everything in between.

Click below for more about our journey to the southwest.


Photogallery: Simple Session By Vincent Perraud

simple session, defgrip, 2013, vincent perraud photo

For this years Simple Session, we were able to get our friend Vincent Perraud out there to cover the whole thing for us. We’re fans of Vince around here and I knew he would come back with great photos, which he did (and delivered in a super timely manner). I fucking love this gallery; it captures the atmosphere, the people, the scene and the riding perfectly. Dude even got into the rafters.

Cheers to Vincent, Risto and the Simple Session crew.

Click below for the gallery.


Almond Presents

To celebrate the launch of the new Almond website, we are excited to bring you an exclusive Photogallery showcasing the new Almond gear. The photos feature Daniel Benson and were shot in London by Robert Loeber, Paul Robinson and Ross Teperek. Enjoy!


Animal Cuts Premier Photogallery

We hit up the Animal Bikes premier for their new video Clips last night in Brooklyn. The turn out was amazing, the video blew everyone a way and the party was going off and we snapped a bunch of photos throughout the night, so check them out!