Peter Lindbergh

I get a little OCD when it comes to organizing my inspiration folders and all the random images that end up on my desktop. I have all sorts of categorized folders that I file everything into and one of the folders that gets pretty crazy is my “photographers” folder. Rather than just keeping them on my computer, I thought I’d start uploading some of them. These posts won’t be much different than a standard post on a photographer, but the photographers who I have a lot of images from are usually the bigger, more established guys.

This post is a collection of images from one of my all time favorites, Peter Lindbergh. I’ve always been so drawn to his more photo-journalist perspective and I love how he shows elements of the set in his photos, like lights, stands, backdrops, etc. Not only am I drawn to the style of his photos, but the impact he has had on fashion, being credited as one of the photographers to really blow up the whole “supermodel” thing in the 90’s.