R.I.P. Paxton’s Trails

Heath Pinter hooked up the following statement regarding the recent plowing of Paxton’s Trails, which have been a big part of the California trail scene in recent years.

So as you have heard, Paxton trails are no longer. Like most trail spots getting plowed, it started with a neighbor who complained. Not sure what the complaints were or what neighbor. We did have options with the city to permit the jumps with a very high price tag. Paxton’s trails were running for 6 years with plenty of good times and most of the neighbors support. If there is anything I will miss, it was all the good times with people traveling through. It still amazes me on the people who traveled out to ride with us. On a positive note we are building a new spot that will be running asap. Thanks again to Lonnie Paxton and all the people who made it out to ride or hit the jams.

-Heath Pinter

Click below for some before and after photos.