Photogallery: Federal Launch Party

George Marshall came through with a bunch of pics from Federal’s product release party.

Click below to check those out.


S&M “Fall Fiesta” Photogallery

S&M bikes, fall fiesta, defgrip

S&M had their Fall Fiesta party yesterday in Santa Ana, California. A bunch of team guys were on hand, there was Pinata and much more….

Click below to check out the photos.



empire bmx, vans

Tom from Empire sent through some info on a Vans/Empire shoe release party going on this weekend in Austin.

Click below for more info.


Konect is Keffer

Keffer Photography

Check out some intriguingly dark photography from French photographer Keffer.



Hit up the S&M party last night, where lots of people came out to chill, watch a good video and witness the Santa Ana Claus (aka Sean Mckinney).

“I Wanna Live” is equal parts classic S&M, and an interesting watch due to Jordan Utley’s editing style which I like a lot. This is going to sound biased coming from me, but I thought Matt Beringer had the stand out part. It had a fun factor, and a bunch of moves you don’t normally see. Everyone has a solid part though, and I can’t wait to watch this again at home. The video is out now, so pick one up.

Judging by the photo I took above, there will be a video on Vital soon, so keep checking there. In the meantime check out some pics from Fudger on Ride BMX.

Ride 150th Webcast

Ride’s 150th issue party is going on right now and they are doing some live webcasts from it. They have a video player up on a page that will be updated through out the party. The first video I saw was with Kyle Heart from the Give D crew who had just crashed and was already talking about drinking, so I can only imagine what the videos later tonight will consist of.

Check out the Webcasts here.