6.0 P.I.C – Mirraco

Here’s the latest Partners in Crime edit with Mirraco.

Partner Up

Just a reminder that the 6.0 P.I.C. site is live and there’s a bunch of stuff for you to eyeball. You can click below to peep a teaser with the 2 dudes above, but the site has a bunch more. Check it!!


Nike 6.0: P.I.C. Trailer/Info

Here’s the trailer for Nike 6.0’s Partners in Crime web edit series, which was edited by Rich Wilson. Basically, I’m told there will be a total of 5 edits that will hit every other week and feature the 6.0 Euro riders in pairs according to sponsor. Should be a treat.

Also, the Partners In Crime site will go live on Friday, so be sure to check that out too.