COMUИE’S 2nd Annual Karlson Tea Party

We posted on the Karlson Tea Party at COMUИE last year and this year they are back with another great event. Focused on motorcycles and photography, the event looked like it was a blast and the bikes on display look amazing! Keep reading to check out more info on the event as well as a bunch of photos.


Nigel Sylvester’s Birthday

Nigel turned 23 on August 23 and had a big ol’ birthday bash! Hosted by DJ Clark Kent & “Hawaii” Mike, sponsored by Nike 6.0, Hennessy Black, Corona Extra, LTD+, Vibe Magazine and DJ Clark Kent and music by DJ Soul & DJ Clark Kent with a special performance by J.Cole, the party sounds CRAZY!

I just listed all those names/companies not to rep, but to show you how official the party was. Before everyone hates, just think that because of riding a bike and being an awesome dude, you can enjoy success on a level like this!! Happy birthday Nigel!!!