Minimal Branding

Here’s a rad design exercise in keeping shit simple when it comes to packaging. I understand shoppers need to be stimulated somehow, but I feel like most of these examples end up looking better than the original. A lot of OG logos are timeless, and some of these do end up looking a bit generic super stripped down, but this is interesting to see anyway. Please note, these are not real.

Part 2 just went up HERE, and part one can be seen HERE.

The 2nd part added an additional super stripped version.

Design by Antrepo.

Photogallery: This Is United + Print Ads

United’s “This Is United” DVD is available now. Besides featuring some of the world’s best riders (which is reason enough to buy it), the DVD comes packaged with a bunch of photos in the form of a 56 page book. Dean hooked us up with a preview of what you can expect inside, as well as some of the recent TIU print ads.

With that said, you should check out the “Bonus Mix” over on TCU.

Click below to check out the photos.




If you are anything like me, and you’re into packaging, you may be into this site called Lovely Package that I just stumbled upon. It showcases a bunch of random products with nice package design, along with some info.

I’m liable to buy anything if the packaging is nice, even if I don’t need it, hahaha.

Also, I’m surprised this domain name hasn’t been taken up by some gutter-minded individuals.

More Album Art


There is a pretty good post on The Font Feed about the Grammy that was awarded to best packaging and music video. They give their two sense about the Metalica album that won for best packaging and put up a few of their favorite album covers from the past year. They also have some good videos for video of the year.

Check it out here.


I’m a sucker for sweet packaging…

Go HERE and click on “watch the hands-on video” to check out P.O.S’s “Never Better” album art.