Old School BMX Reunion / Show

This years gathering is coming up, more info HERE.

Besides the bike show, there will be a “Legends of Freestyle” ramp jam, and Sidehack races. Good times!!

Come chill if you are in California or nearby!!

80’s BMX Jam

80s bmx jam

There’s an “80’s Freestyle BMX Jam” going down at Da Compound on December 19th in Lake Perris, Ca. It’s going to be all 80’s all day, so if you into that check out the flyer and info after the jump. There is going to be a bunch of fun contests, like the longest hang five, most pinky squeaks, most whiplashes, and highest air.


Amazing Old School BMX Photos

Old School BMX Polaroids

Cameron from Hidden Clothing hit me with an email containing an amazing collection of old school BMX Polaroids. The photos came from a guy he works with, and they are apparently him and his friends when they were younger. It’s incredible how well these photos sum up what it’s like riding bikes when you are young and I really feel like this is what BMX is all about… All I can think about when I look at these photos, is the time in my life where I had not quite got into the whole BMX scene. I was riding bikes every day, but it was more of just curb jumps and flyouts. Me and my friends were still discovering BMX magazines for the first time and the whole idea of BMX was just so fresh! Some of my strongest memories of BMX are from those days.  Big thanks to Cameron and his co-worker for hooking up the photos!!

Check them all out after the jump – READ MORE