Stussy X W-Line

A fun little video to promote the new old-school inspired bike from Stussy Japan and W-Line.

2011 Old School BMX Reunion

Old School BMX Photos

The Selvedge Yard has a really great post up with a bunch of old school photos. There are some classic photos in there and our boy Smoovebert even makes a cameo! Check out the post here and if you are in the old school BMX mood, you might want to re-visit our old BMX polaroid post!


The 2009 OS-BMX jam will go down on June 6th in Arcadia, CA. There will be bikes, ramps, and a designated area for flatland too. Click below for all the info.

Thanks to Chad Johnston for the flyer.


Beside Myself


Since I was 11 years old Lee Reynolds has been my favorite rider. Aside from Brian Blyther, I feel like Lee and fellow Brit Craig Campbell were the first freestylers to “have style”, if I may be so bold. They did fewer tricks, but better… a trait that seems to have come full circle for those of us who can’t get enough Chase Hawk or Mike Aitken or Eddie Cleveland.

As you can imagine it was an honor for me to meet Lee this past weekend at the Old School Reunion and watch him kill the vert ramp on his new Verde complete. I told him the story about how, in 1989, I tore a photo of him out of a magazine and and sent it to Haro with a self addressed stamped envelope, hoping for an autograph. Lee, being the gentleman he is, signed and returned it to me and that gesture has stuck with me for the last 20 years.

Look for a full length Lee Reynolds interview coming soon on Defgrip.