F*Sho Cleveland

On The Map just released another series of videos that showcase different creative outlets occurring around Cleveland.

F*Sho Cleveland is an independent furniture design event started by Jason Radcliffe, owner of 44Steel. This event began in 2008 and it continues to grow each and every year. All the designers push their creativity and try to bring something new to the table for the occasion. Pun intended.

Rose Iron Works

Rose Iron Works is a family-owned business that has been around over 100 years that creates quality decorative metalwork.

On The Map did a series of videos showcasing various companies in Cleveland that take pride in craft of products and services.

River City Leather

Entrepreneur Aaron Buckley talks about why he loves making River City Leather products by hand in Ohio.

Photogallery: The Snake Pit

When it comes to wild/random/interesting environments that you could possibly ride your bike in, The Snake Pit in Ohio has to be up there with the best of them. For those who aren’t familiar, The Snake Pit is an abandoned apartment building zone that now doubles as a place to ride (in a nutshell). Go HERE for an older edit.

Cody York was kind enough to contribute this updated photogallery to us, along with some great quotes about the place from a bunch of riders.

Click below to check out The Snake Pit and be sure to visit Cody’s site for more of his work.


My advice to you? Get a job, sir!

To all you Midwestern Defgrip readers with design skills: the house of Verde, Duo and Cinema have a gig for you. Click below to read a full description of the available full-time web designer job at Greenhouse BMX. The bums will always lose.