…It’s like he was never off his bike with a leg injury for a while.

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Vans X Odyssey – Road To Nowhere

Full disclosure: I work at Odyssey, had a hand in these and I love Vans… of course I’m gonna post this. Whachuthink. Plus… Sexton, Gary Young, Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes.

Swoop up some Vans X Odyssey shoes, make your feets look better.

Odyssey in Chicago!

I just so happened to be out of town each and every day these guys were in Chicago last month, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating seeing what happened while this crew was in town. As expected, the crew laid waste to a lot of staple Chicago spots and it looks like the Let’s Roast Cycles shop stop was a good time (with some gross rock, paper, scissors action happening out front). Press play and see the action above!

Gary Fucking Young


Chase Hawk = Timeless.

Broc & Hoang’s Ecuadorian Adventure

Watch Broc and Hoang all up in Ecuador laying down some moves, climbing hills and avoiding cars!!!

Click below to check out the first part of the journey.


Documentary: Texas Toast – Together We Shred

For this years Texas Toast Jam, my boy Francis Delapena ran around like a stealth ninja and filmed as much of the event as he could from beginning to end. Meanwhile, I ran around and gathered various BMX personalities who were on hand to throw some questions at. Through various answers and commentary, this video took on a life of its own.

This video covers more than just this years jam, so sit back and enjoy this Texas Toast Jam documentary.

Texas Toast Jam by Brandon Means

texas toast jam, defgrip, austin, odyssey bmx, brandon means

Another Texas Toast Jam has come and gone, and what a sweet time it was. Considering the amount of rain we received the week prior (the dirt jumps were literally flooded), I’d say the whole thing ended marvelously. It was great seeing people from around the world descend upon Austin for the jam once again.

Brandon Means was in town for Toast (ice to finally meet you bud) , and he graciously contributed a bunch of pics from the weekend. Click below to check them out.


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Here are some visual nuggets to get you up to speed.


Print Ad: Odyssey / Texas Toast Jam

gary young, odyssey bmx, texas toast jam, print ad

Together We Shred.


Print Ad: Odyssey

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Together We Shred.


Viva La Revolución

See what happens during the latest ODSY-VISION getaway with Odyssey/Empire riders Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton and Tom Smith.



Odyssey BTS 2013 Softgoods

New Odyssey softgoods, featuring Hoang Tran and Broc Raiford in Ecuador.

Hit up the Odyssey site for more info.


ODSY VISION: Broc Raiford in HB