Olivejuuuuice on Orange Juice


Our boy Nuno has a really awesome in-depth interview up on Orange Juice covering everything from Defgrip, to Odyssey, as well as his personal photography. Check it out!


Scrapbook 2012: Nuno Oliveira

2012 was interesting. I moved from Long Beach to Austin, and for whatever reason ended up shooting way less “real” photos than I did in years past. I still carried a camera around a bunch and accumulated some goodies, but ended up with a lot less this year. For real, I’m blaming Instagram (in a good way). No matter the medium, we still have images. This collection of photos is a mix of camera and iPhone pics that I took throughout 2012. Enjoy!

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Scrapbook 2011: Nuno Oliveira

Just like last year, I saved up a bunch of my photos to put together a little year end “scrapbook”.

These photos are from various travels and days out and about. I’m always carrying a camera, so there’s a good mix of BMX and assorted randomness in here. Some photos are from previous galleries, but a whole lot more are brand new.

Thanks to anyone who let me snap a pic.

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Petition to Save the Lawn Trails

The above photo was taken of Keith Mulligan by our own Nuno Oliveira (whose work can be seen here) at our home set of trails just outside Los Angeles. The trails were plowed this morning.

Due to some swift diplomatic power moves by the daddy of the trails, Danny Downey, there is a seemingly solid chance that this spot could come back, only this time as a legitimate riding spot recognized and protected by the city. Which means our friends could all come ride it. Maybe even you guys. All you have to do is sign here. Quickly. Please.

Thank you.

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Scrapbook 2010: Nuno Oliveira

Since this year is coming to a close, I figured I would post a little gallery of photos that I’ve set aside throughout the year. You may recognize a few of these from previous galleries here, but the majority of these pics are new. As with my personal site, there’s a random mix of stuff in this “scrapbook”. Enjoy!

A big shout out to everyone I know and to every new person I’ve met this year.

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Gross Out!

GROSS OUT!!! Best. Website. Ever.

Here’s Stew Johnson, Myself and Ben Hittle. Photo courtesy of Ride BMX/Google Images.

Click HERE to waste some time and have FUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!

Quick 605 Ditch Edit

Last week I was in L.A. working on some projects with Chad Moore and during our down time we got to chill with Nuno and Mike Ardelean. It’s always rad when a bunch of us from Defgrip get to meet up and we made the best of our time together by riding some chill spots and eating at some dialed restaurants.

I didn’t really have any intentions on filming anything or putting an edit together, but I ended up messing around with some shots at the 605 ditch and threw a quick edit together last night. We all met up at Odyssey and headed to the ditch… It was Jim Bauer, Nuno, Ardelean, Luis Pinzon, Maicol Chaves, Ryan Quinones, Chad Moore and me… The edit is super short, with a few clips of Chad, Mike and Jim, but the session was dope. Nothing better than riding with your friends at a quiet spot on a sunny day!


Dig Issue 74 Preview

The new photo issue of Dig is out now and aside from having a great cover photo shot by Sandy Carson, there’s a Backchat with our very own Nuno Oliveira!!




Nuno Oliveira just launched his very own photoblog! He’s been taking a lot of photos over the past few years and will have some great stuff for his blog. The site will have a mix of all types of photos and as Nuno says “Some might be old, some might be new, some will be film, some will be from an iPhone, but they will most certainly all be random.”

Check out Olivejuuuuice here!

Mike Ardelean Bike Check


There’s a bike check up on the Odyssey site with Mike Ardelean’s new Verde. Not sure how we missed it, but Nuno and Jim B have new bike checks on the Odyssey site as well.

Check the bike checks out here – Ardelean, Nuno, Jim B.


Last night’s Nike art show/party went off pretty well. Cool space, some cool number plates, a bunch of rad people in the house and complimentary drinks and candy.

I went with the intentions of taking some photos for this site, but quickly abandoned that plan due to a combination of catching up with people and forgetting about it. Luckily, the magazine guys and other media dudes were on hand to snap some photos.

Check out some photos on the Ride site HERE.

Yeah I used a photo with myself in it for this post, so what?? Impromptu beard gathering by Jeff Z. Hahaha.