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Some new Nigel for ya. Always good.

Garrett Reynolds in Tampa

Anything that shows up with Garrett Reynolds gets automatically posted. Here he is in Florida.

Vincent Perraud: Wallpaper Winner!!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for the winner of this contest! It looked like there was a few people who voted more than once, but overall we were blow away by how many people put their pick in! At almost 300 comments, this was the most commented post ever in Defgrip history!! There was a lot of votes for each dude, but Vincent Perraud came threw with the win!! We have Vincent’s wallpaper ready for download in few different sizes as well as iPhone size, so click the jump and get a new wallpaper… We will also have all the other entries available for download later this week… Again, huge thanks to everyone who submitted a wallpaper and to everyone who voted. We have a few more contest lined up right away, so get ready!!


Nigel Nike 6.0 Top 3

With the help of Nigel and the Defgrip crew, we have picked the top three for the wallpaper contest. Rather than having us pick the winner, we wanted to leave it up to you. You can check out the top three after the jump and who ever has the most comments by Monday morning (est) will be the winner! All you have to do is leave the persons name in the comments and please only comment once. Thanks!!!


More Wallpapers

Ilyas Z

Somehow I misplaced the above wallpaper from Ilyas Z that he submitted for the Nigel Nike 6.0 contest. We haven’t quite picked a winner yet, so I wanted to make sure Ilyas’ entry made it on the site… We also received a few additional wallpapers after the contest deadline. They are not eligible, but you should definitely check them out.


Nike 6.0: P.I.C. Trailer/Info

Here’s the trailer for Nike 6.0’s Partners in Crime web edit series, which was edited by Rich Wilson. Basically, I’m told there will be a total of 5 edits that will hit every other week and feature the 6.0 Euro riders in pairs according to sponsor. Should be a treat.

Also, the Partners In Crime site will go live on Friday, so be sure to check that out too.

Nigel Nike contest ends tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that the Nigel/Nike 6.0 contest ends at the end of the day tomorrow. We’ve a bunch of great entries so far and it’s definitely going to be hard to pick a winner. We’ll post all the entries on the site on Thursday, so if you want to win some dope shoes, get designing!! If you missed it, you can check out all the details about the contest here.

Contest: Nike 6.0 & Nigel Sylvester

Win a free pair of Nike 6.0 MVRKS designed by Nigel Sylvester

Defgrip, Nigel Sylvester and Nike 6.0 are excited to offer you a chance to win a pair of Nigel’s Nike 6.0 MVRK shoes. To win the shoes, all you have to do is design a desktop wallpaper that includes the color purple and some elements of New York city, like building, skylines, or the subway. Get super creative and think of what kind of wallpaper you’d be psyched to have on your computer! The winner will be chosen by Nigel and the Defgrip crew and the top three entries will be available for download on Defgrip.

To submit your wallpaper make a design that is 1920 pixies wide by 1200 pixels tall at screen resolution (72dpi). All files must be submitted as jpg’s and you can send your entires to

The contest ends January 6th, so in order to be eligible to win, you must submit your designs by 11:59pm January 6th!


Carhartt Owain Clegg Exclusive


Check out an exclusive Carhartt edit with Owain Clegg at the Boneyard! The edit was put together by Richard Forne, the Nike 6.0 apprentice winner and you can check it out after the jump!


Nike Tunnel Jam

nike tunnel jam 2009

Here’s the final promo for the Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Tunnel Jam is a contest in a tunnel with a bunch of amazing riders on a seriously crazy ramp setup. Keep reading to check out a shot of the ramps and the video.



Just got the 1st promo for the upcoming Nike Tunnel Jam, 2 more to come. Click below to check it out.

Details are sparse, but I can tell you that I may or may not be in attendance.


Nike 6.0 Bring It Together

Garrett Reynolds Nike 6.0 BMX Clothing

Nike 6.0 has two new commercials, featuring Garrett Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester, that ran on NBC and FuelTV during the Portland Dew Tour. They are both for the 6.0 Clothing campaign and go along with the photographs by Todd Selby that we got a preview of a few weeks back. The spots were created by Sandy Montana and Adam Long, who worked on a bunch of the motion graphics in the Nike’s Writing On The Wall video.

You can check out both of the commercials after the jump along with a few questions with the producer, Colin Brown, about the concept, filming and the whole duel screen effects.


Todd Selby for Nike 6.0


Nike got together with Todd Selby of the infamous “The Selby” site to photograph their Fall/Holiday apparel line and we’ve been sent an exclusive look into the photoshoot with Garret Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester. Check out a preview of the Selby photos after the jump!


Nike 6.0 HB pro BMX comp

nike 6.0 hb pro bmx contest photos

The Nike 6.0 Pro BMX comp went down over the weekend with Ryan Guettler taking home the win. Check out a bunch of photos from the comp courtesy of Nike and Todd from Nemo!



There is another  “Lightning Bolts” art show coming up soon in LA, with some new BMX dudes involved.

One such person is Taj Mihelich, who posted a sneak peek of his awesome number plate on his Ride blog.