Team SAF: Paris

A few months ago Team SAF was able to scrounge up enough money to make the trip overseas. The older architecture offered plenty of alternative transitions and bumps for the entire crew.

Team SAF: Ewip and Eric Schalles

These are two of my favorite people to watch ride. Sit back, relax and take it all in.

Put together by Nic Gironda.

Team SAF: Goodfellas

“To me being a gangster was better than being president of the United States.” This time around is SAF family members and affiliates with the Godfather himself having the last section, Evan Gallagher. Nic Gironda is behind the production. Watch this great American classic.

SAF is back

The intro by New York’s street legend, Casio, and his endorsement of cellar doors is classic. Pat Quinn, Jason Byoun And Jeremy Anderegg all kill it with Nic Gironda behind the lens.

Stormdoor Angle Fetish

Chris Carter utilizes spots to their fullest potential; He always has his third eye open. Marc Meeuwissen is a super rider that can do anything on a bike that he wants. There is also clips from the rest of Team SAF throughout the video. Filmed and edited by the cella dwella himself, Nic Gironda.