Blog Etiquette 101

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It has been brought to our attention that certain BMX news outlets ( no sites will be named ) are guilty of improperly handling Defgrip content. No bueno.

Here goes:

Should you acquire (i.e. – poach) exclusive content/news/material from another site to post on your own, it is proper blogging etiquette to credit the original site. Should you poach said content/news/material and make it seem as if it is your own, that is NOT proper blogging etiquette.

Exhibit A – Our 2 part exclusive Empire/Doyle news that Tom put together for us. Vital BMX posted said Empire/Doyle news on their site with no credit to Defgrip (see actual screengrab from Vital BMX post above). No bueno.

We hereby would like all future poaches to be properly credited to Defgrip, or we will send this guy after you.

Screengrab courtesy of Vital BMX and Apple screengrab shortcut.