Super Slowmotion Subway

Citi Bike action with Rone!

The folks at Animal New York (not to be confused with Animal) got Rone to take one of them Citi Bikes for a spin. Delightful entertainment. Pump track footage is gold.


Extra Screws


If you are in the New York area this friday August 16th, you should check out this art show benefit for the Mullaly Skatepark. Check out all the info above!


More Sandy Photos

Here’s a bunch of random photos of the damage and flooding from Hurricane Sandy I’ve come across online.


Surviving Sandy

So, I’ve lived in New York for two years and just made it through my second hurricane… Both, from my perspective, seemed a lot more mild than I was expecting, but this time around there was definitely a lot more damage and destruction everywhere. I am also lucky to be included in the minority of people who didn’t loose power at all. The whole night I was on my computer working waiting for the power to cut out, but it never happened. I did see the flashes in the sky from the big Con Edison explosion on 14th street, but I’m definitely surprised it never went out.

I went out for a small walk in my neighborhood this morning to check out the damage and do some top notch eye witness reporting (just like every other idiot in my neighborhood. haha). There was a bit of damage, but not as much as I was expecting and I did luck out and catch an awesome rainbow. Check out a few photos after the jump and if you live in NY and want to send your pics hit me up ( and if I get enough stuff I’ll get a post going with everyone’s photos.


They Call Me T

Check out this new edit with my boy Tafai Smith from The Bronx. Filmed and edited by The Mindfiled

Acne Paper

The latest issue of the Acne Paper just came out titled ‘Manhattan’. As the title states, it’s an all New York issue, with interviews, photos and stories from a serious group of New York heavy hitters. My favorite article is the massive 15 page feature on the photographer Saul Letter… Seeing his images printed in large form on the beautiful matte paper is worth every penny.


Mike Hoder

Here are a couple random photos of Mike Hoder from last week. Nothing better than a late summer day in New York with nothing to do but cruise around the city.


Lindberg for Lindebergh

One of my favorite photographers, Peter Lindberg, who I’ve posted about before shot the most recent campaign for the clothing brand J.Lindeberg. I’ve never really been into J.Lindeberg, but these images look great and I pretty much love everything Peter Lindberg does. It also looks like they are going to be creating a book from the campaign, which is very cool… You can check out some of the image on this site as well as possibly one of the all time shakiest behind the scenes videos from the shoot of all time. Not sure how you can make something that shaky, but it’s fun to see Peter Lindberg in action and you can catch a glimpse of him with a Panasonic GF1 around his neck.