bff grands nyc

The BFF Grands are going down again in New York this Sunday June 29th at 4pm! Starting in Brooklyn and ending in Manhattan, you know it’s going to be a good time! Check out all the info after the jump and big shout out to Jon Lynn for organizing the whole thing this year!


The Gonz Cruising BMX in NYC

Did you know that The Gonz rides a Sunday cruiser spot to spot to skate New York City? Me either. Press play on the video above and take a look at one of skateboarding’s pioneers launching off garbage piles, doing skids, and bunnyhopping off curbs, all with a skateboard stuck to his bars.

Martha Cooper


I became aware of Martha Cooper’s work from the documentary – Everybody Street. She has some amazing black and white images of the Lower East Site when it was super crazy and blown out… looking like a war zone. She also has an incredible documentation of the early NY Graffiti scene.

Keep reading to check out more of her work.


2013 New York Grands


This years New York Grands is coming up. These always look like a wildly good time, so don’t miss it if you’re nearby.

Stay up to date on their FB page.

Abandoned NYC

abandoned NYC

I need to go exploring right now –¬†

Manhattan in Motion

Let’s hear it for time lapses and NYC!!!


Haha, this is nuts. Glen PP Milligan just sent this through. Mad respect to dudes doing wheelies on the highway. I just had crazy flashbacks after watching this.

From Glenn:

A few years ago I produced a four wheeler DVD. One of the segments featured people who ride 4 wheelers in NYC. I always wanted to re-edit the section with a better track. So here it is. It was all filmed on a SONY DVX2100, BOLEX 16mm and a really crappy mic. This is real street riding and these dudes are crazy.


Up There

In the process of watching this documentary on “the dying craft of large scale hand painted advertising”, I ended up wondering if this was a subtle advertisement for Stella Artois, and it sorta kinda is. *edit* the original flash player I first saw this on had a city as the screen grab and there is no mention of Stella until the end.

Regardless, even though that kinda tainted this film just a little bit, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a nicely put together documentary. This is a topic I’ve never really thought much about, but I now have a better understanding of the whole thing. This makes you appreciate how nuts it is to actual paint these.

From the producers:
Shot high above the streets of New York City, UP THERE reveals the dying craft of large scale hand painted advertising and the untold story of the painters struggling to keep it alive.

Via – Say Mayday

Virtual Aerial tours of NYC


Thanks to Trevor Graves from Nemo for this link. There are some pretty unique and unbelievable views of the city! oh and don’t forget you can move the curser around to speed the video up, it took me a sec to realize! Check it out