What are some albums that Dakota Roche turns to when he’s out driving, traveling, riding, chilling or trying to get fired up? Click below to find out, along with some words about each.


YouTube: Polyphonic

Even though they have over 466k subscribers, its possible that Polyphonic will still be new to a lot of you. The channel is full of interesting “video essays about music, and other aspects of pop culture”, that are made in a digestible entertaining way. I love it. Hit the channel.

Pitchfork’s Over / Under

Where have I been? Can’t believe I haven’t come across Pitchfork’s Over / Under series before. I just barreled through a bunch of these, as should you.

I didn’t think it could be possible, but Action riding with Guy Fieri makes me love him even more!!!!!

This is why I love the Internet

Thanks to Edwin for posting this on his instagram and keep reading to check out some real shit.


Magnum Opus

The other day I came across Complex's Magnum Opus series. In a nutshell, the series spotlights classic rap songs through the people who helped create them as well as the artists themselves. I love this shit!

The first one I watched was the one above, featuring “Come Clean” by Jeru The Damaja. I loved this song when it came out, and I still love it now. I'm a huge DJ Premier fan as well, so this was right up my alley.

There's only 4 episodes right now, but I watched all of them this morning and I suggest any fan of rap music to do the same. There's Lots of cool stories and info from notable people put together in a nice package.

Check them out HERE.


You Listen To This Man Everyday

rick rubin, music, producer, interview

The Daily Beast has a great interview with producer Rick Rubin. I have so much respect for this dude. To say that this guys career is INSANE, would be an understatement. He founded Def Jam in his dorm room and worked with everyone from Slayer, RUN-DMC, Johnny Cash, the Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West and on and on and on.

Check the WIKI to get a grasp on it all then hit up The Daily Beast interview.

Travis Scott – Owl Pharaoh


Travis Scott's new mixtape Owl Pharaoh has been on repeat… If you don't know Travis, he's part of the G.O.O.D. Music crew and has produced a bunch of tracks for Kanye. Funny story about the album cover. Travis and Nigel Sylvester are friends and Travis was super stoked on the photo of Nigel jumping the subway tracks, that was shot by 13th Witness… So Travis reached out to 13th Witness and he ended up shooting the cover… all because of BMX!



slayer, cover art, larry carroll

With the recent passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, I’m sure most fans went through and listened to a little more Slayer than usual. Same here.

While doing so, I kept being drawn to the amazing covers on some of these albums (specifically the ones above) and started wondering who made them after all these years. My research led me to Larry Carrol. Apparently dude keeps a low profile, which I kind of like. I did come across THIS rad interview which was a good read and had some great nuggets of info. I recommend.

If reading isn’t your thing, just click below.


Sound City

sound city, documentary, music

Speaking of documentaries, I watched Sound City the other day and it was fucking awesome.

That”s right, FUCKING!

Sound City tells the story of a renowned recording studio called Sound City, which is located in Los Angeles. Many great records were made there. It was put together by Dave Grohl, has an and if you are a fan of music or rock history, eyeball Sound City.

Click below for the trailer, and go for more info.


Music w/ Jake Seeley

jim cielencki photo

jim cielencki photo

Jake Seeley has quite the eclectic taste in music, which is exactly the kind of surprising shit I like to find out. To be honest, I assumed that Jake was mainly a hip hop kid for the longest time, but nope.

Click below for a breakdown of Jake’s favorite albums along with some words about each one from Jake himself. Killa!


The XX

Pitchfork TV has a cool short series with The XX covering the writing, rehearsing and performing the songs off their latest album. Check out the first video above and the second and third parts after the jump.


Sounds Just Like

I definitely wasted way too much time on this site last night. The url says it all –

On Repeat: How To Dress Well

“The only bad part about flying is having to come back down to the fucking world.” How to Dress Well‘s first album Love Remains was probably one of the most played albums in my iTunes over the past year… Since I came across his music via Tri-Angle records, I’ve been enamored by every random track or mix that has showing up online and have been anxiously waiting for his next album to drop. This is quite rare for me because even though I’m really into to music, I’m not one to be super on top of new release or follow artists so closely… So I was beyond excited when I saw on Twitter that How to Dress Well’s new album Total Loss was streaming on a week before it’s release… and I’ve been playing it over and over non stop… I don’t really feel qualified to give a review or whatever, I just wanted to share some new music that I’m super excited about (which is pretty rare these days).

Check out the album stream here.

Nosaj Thing Mary Anne Hobbs XFM Mix

Been jamming on this mix non-stop for the past few days. Thanks to Google Images for letting me steal a photo of Nosaj that David Lang took off someones random website.

Check the mix here.

Nardwuar vs. ASAP Rocky

Not sure if I’ll ever get sick of Nardwuar interviews. Another classic with ASAP Rocky.