Remember music videos? We reached out to videographer Bob Scerbo to get a breakdown of his most favorite/memorable/influential music videos.

Click below for the videos and a little about each one from Bob himself.


Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

London Grammar

Don’t know anything about the band, but this video… damn…

Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue

New music video for Eclipse/Blue, the first single off Nosaj Thing’s new album Home that will be out in January. You can check out more about the video on the Creators Project site.

Last Name London Video

This past September, I moved to New York from Vancouver B.C. The main reason for moving out here was motivated by my work and to basically push myself and to take everything I do to the next level. To say moving out here was a good decision is definitely an understatement.

One of the first big projects I’ve finished up is a music video for Theophilus London. Theophilus has had a bunch of mixtapes and great success over the past year or so, but he has just recently been signed to Warner Brothers and is getting ready to release his first full length album next month. The first single off the new album is titled ‘Last Name London’ and I was lucky enough to get to direct the video with my good friend Nathan Brown.

The video premiered on all the MTV channels as well as yesterday and we are all extremely excited on how it turned out! You can check the video above and keep reading for some behind the scenes photos that I took during the shoot!



Pretty epic music video for an artist named Woodkid… I wonder where the budget came from to produce this video?


Bacchus Racchus

We get a lot of submissions to Defgrip and most of them fall into a similar category, but sometimes you get the epiclly random one that doesn’t make sense, but at the same time are amazing. This video “A long lost underground classic video from The What, the greatest band you never heard” definitely falls into the second category. Filmed in 1998 by Troy Garity, this video was lost for years, but is now online and ready to share with the world. It might fall into the NSFW(ish) category, so if you are not allowed to watch naked people running in a field of flowers at work/school, I’d save it till you get home tonight!


Röyksopp – Senior Living

My brother just hit me with a link to a six song music video/short film for Röyksopp’s new album titled “Senior.” The film follows three girls as they explore the ruins and come across child zombies and lots of skulls. Shot in what looks like a crazy blown out war-zone city from Eastern Europe, actually turns out to be Detroit. The IFC website got a few quotes from the directors Noel Paul and Stefan Moore: “We shot it in Detroit because it is exists as a contemporary dystopia.” If you have to see it to believe it, if you’ve never been there. They didn’t do any set dressing either. “All of our locations were filmed as we found them.”


The Wilderness Downtown

The Arcade Fire has a pretty rad website up utilizing HTML 5 and Google maps where you type in your address and an interactive video is built around your location. Check it out!

Charlotte Gainsbourg “Heaven Can Wait”


Charlotte Gainsbourg has done a lot of notable things in the 25 years since she performed this controversial hit song with her dad; my most recent favorite being the song “Heaven Can Wait” with Beck, and its incredible video directed by Keith Schofield.

Click here for the Director’s Cut and an explanation which points out that the crazy and confusing images in this video are actually re-creations of found photos.

Click here for the official video.

Zombie Nation

I’ve been stoked on Zombie Nation lately, thanks to David Lang. I’m feeling their flashing flash site as well!

The Dream


So, I can admit that my musical taste is all over the map. Just as an example, I’m listening to My Morning Jacket right now, but the day started out with The Dreams new album. I usually don’t listing to that much main stream hip-hop, especially not R&B, but I’ll have to blame my recent relapse to the mainstream stuff to designer and DJ, Fourcolor Zack. He posted this really good mix of tracks from The Dream on his myspace. I’ve had the mix for months now and I seriously can not stop listing to it. I have this moment before I click on the track in iTunes, where I know I shouldn’t do it, but I’m just so addicted, I have to… It’s really bad… haha.

So anyway, there was this video that just showed up on The Fader for a remix of The Dreams “Rockin’ That Shit” with Rick Ross, Ludacris, Fabolous, and Santana all backed up by this whole magazine layout theme. I’m pretty stoked on the video concept and I’m also stoked that I have finally admitted my horrible addiction to The Dream.

Check out the video after the jump and if you’d like to get sucked in, download Fourcolor Zack’s mix here.