Pusha-T Nosetalgia

I have been listening to Pusha-T’s new album, My Name Is My Name, non stop since it came out and when I had some downtime over the holidays I started to mess around with a concept I had for his track Nosetalgia. The lyrics on this song are super visual and I wanted to put something really simple together that illustrated what the song was about. I spent days digging through photos online hunting for the perfect images to match the words… and this is what I came up with.

Sigur Rós Varúð video by Ryan McGinley

Sigur Rós reached out to a handfull of people to create music videos for their latest album. Giving everyone the same budget and complete creative freedom, there have been some really interesting videos so far.

The latest video was shot by photographer Ryan McGinley and features a girl with no shoes (or pants) skipping all over New York City while wearing a gold wig that sparkles. Kind of a random description, but it’s a really great video. Our good friend Chad Moore worked on the video as producer and first camera… and I can’t forget to mention that every shot was filmed from a rooftop.

You can watch the video above and learn more about the project as well as watch all the other films that have been shot so far no the Sigur Rós website.

Spheres of Fury

Picture 31

Tim Brown and Christopher Hewitt recently posted their video for Hecq Vs Exillion’s track, “Spheres Of Fury” to the delight of vimeo heads all over.

This video is so gorgeous it’s seductive. The colours are mind blowing and it has great energy throughout, definitely a dope looking piece of work.

But here’s the real kicker – the entire video was filmed on a Canon 7D. One of the best DSLR videos ever? You be the judge! Check out the video after the jump.