Multitasker: John Hicks

john hicks, bmx, defgrip, multitasker

John Hicks is next up in our “Multitasker” series. John knows his way around a video camera and knows how to handle his BMX equally as well. Eyeball his Vimeo page for proof.

Click below to read up on John Hicks discussing a few video/riding related topics.

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Multitasker: Christian Rigal

Christian Rigal puts in work behind the camera and in front, and doesn’t slack on either. Check out the recent “Welcome Back Edit” he put together for us, and be sure to peep his DIG interview. Also, watch his recent United edit for sure!

Click below to read up on Christian discussing a few video/riding related topics.


Multitasker: Darryl Tocco

Recently while watching the Bad Timing promo, I literally thought to myself, “Damn, Darryl Tocco is a sick multitasker” after his first clip. Instant Feature!!! By “Multitasker”, I mean a great rider who doubles as a filmer/editor (or vise versa), which Darryl is.

With that said, I rounded up some assorted topics for Darryl to elaborate on. Click below to check that out.

Thanks to Keith Terra for the pic.