The M.T.A “river” tag in Los Angeles is being buffed. This thing is unreal in person…

Anyway, I’m not going to sit here and champion graffiti in this case and I’m sure the state has it’s reasons for worrying about the L.A. “river”, but one would think that they could use the 3.7 million dollars a little more wisely right now. Right??

Watch the video, Let me know what you guys think….


I just read THIS ARTICLE that talks about another raid on graffiti writers-nothing really new there.

The article brings up the huge MTA riverbed “tag” (seen above), and goes on to talk about the charges etc…

The best/insane part that stood out to me was this line:
“The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that removing the “MTA” tag from the riverbed alone will cost $3.7 million”.

Now… I’ve seen this thing, I’ve been there and took the photo above. I understand the pros and cons on the argument of graffiti, but I really hope they find a better use for that 3.7 Million. That’s a lot of money that can probably be appropriated better. We’ll see.