12 O'clock boys

I need to see this. 12oclockboys.com


The Build

For the motorcycle riding/wrenching enthusiasts out there. Kickstart this bitch and enjoy!

The Build explores the world of custom motorcycle making through the stories of 3 independent builders in Portland, OR. Hit up The Build site for more.

Waiting Out Winter

A new one from Andrew David Watson, a feel-good piece with some great time lapse footage, dedicated to everyone who’s freezing right now.


Fraser Byrne sent over this rad film. “We just finished up this wee vid I thought you might appreciate. Although its not ‘bmx’ its in the spirit of DIY, cheap living adventure that I think most BMXers can relate to. The vid is based on a guy called Austin Vince who rode around the world (by the longest route possible) on DR350 dirt bikes with 8 mates. Pretty epic trip to say the least.”

CRD Motorcycles

I don’t know anything about motorcycles and have actually never riden one in my entire life… But I do know when something looks good. I’ve been having a lot of fun digging through the CRD website checking out all their custom bikes dreaming of what I would do if I had my own bike.


Adam Craver

Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles from Etsy on Vimeo.

Adam Craver is an old school dude with a motorcycle shop in Philadelphia. This is an inspiring video of him talking about his bikes, his independent shop, the appeal of vintage stuff, the fulfillment you get from working with your hands, and his concern that America is heading away from these things.

This guy oozes true non-contrived east-coast personality and emotion. Four minutes twenty seconds, well worth it.

Via MotorMavens, via Nardi.

Shot and edited by Andrew David Watson — check him out here.

Slo-mo MotoGP

Devour has turned into one of my favorite places to waste time… If you haven’t checked it out, it’s basically just a random collection of dope/funny/crazy videos. For some reason, it took me about five times of visiting the site to actually click on this video, but this Slo-mo MotoGP video is CRAZY. The video was put together by Red Bull and it features MotoGP champion Casey Stoner. All you need to do is look at the screen shot above and think 1000 frames per second. Watch Now.


Cafe Cowboy

Check out a great short documentary by Benedict Campbell on Dustin Kott, a custom motorcycle builder.


COMUИE’S 2nd Annual Karlson Tea Party

We posted on the Karlson Tea Party at COMUИE last year and this year they are back with another great event. Focused on motorcycles and photography, the event looked like it was a blast and the bikes on display look amazing! Keep reading to check out more info on the event as well as a bunch of photos.


Carefully Considered


Check out some rad work from design studio Carefully Considered. I’m really digging the soap above as well as the graphics for the motorcycles.



Bike EXIF Classic Motorcycle blog

Carson Leh hooked us up with a rad link to a motorcycle blog, Bike EXIF, over the weekend. The site has some amazing photos and even though I don’t know much about motorcycles I’m really stoked on all the bikes as well as the quality of the photos. Thanks Carson!

Check out some bikes afer the jump – READ MORE

Max Schaaf on Skatebook.TV


For those who don’t know, Max Schaaf is a badass long-time skateboard pro who also builds baddass motorcycles in his shop in the Bay Area. I’ve always thought he was cool because he was one of the few action sports atheletes who had it together enough at a young enough age to want to do other things with his life, yet his style was so authentic that he stayed relevant in skating without having to kill himself on a skateboard well into his thirties, or even compete at all.

He still rides for Real, Fourstar, and just released this baddass Vans Syndicate shoe which is one of the best recent Vans models period.

Watch this quick Max Schaaf feature on Skatebook.tv right here.