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Just a reminder that The Albion crew continue to release back issues online. Issue 12 has just gone up and features (among other things) a great article on Morgan Wade which I previously enjoyed very much.

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20+ Foot One-Handed Table

X Games 2013 - Big Air Practice, ride bmx, morgan wade, ryan fudger

I saw this photo on Ride's Instagram and liked it so much that I dug it up on their site to post here.

Morgan Wade with a large 1 handed table on the Mega Ramp shot by Fudger. Simplicity at very high altitudes. Morgan went on to win as well. This photo was actually shot though, but zero fugzzz given.


The Wade’s are up to no good.

In the WTF item of the day, this short featuring Morgan and Natalie Wade.

I just happened to browse through Rad Collector for the first time and came across this short by Chris Rollins. Totally random and pretty cool. I actually scrolled down just enough to miss the title of the post and started watching it without knowing that Morgan was in it, and then when he showed up, I did a double take. This was filmed in Tyler, TX over 3 days, and shot using a Panasonic GH1.

If you ask me, Morgan’s got some acting chops. I could see Hollywood in his future.



We don’t normally post news like this, but Morgan has been with Mutiny forever. Curious to see what happens next.

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