Modern architecture in film


ArchDaily has taken note of the fact that in older movies, only villains lived in cool houses (the American Psycho, Jackie Treehorn, and the bad guy from North by Northwest). Nowadays, thanks to Tony Stark and some others, the good guys get to have good taste too.

ArchDaily article here, including some great photos of legendary modern houses.

Originally seen at YouMightFindYourself. Above pic from MidCenturia.

La Reserva House


I love this low-cost prefab house in Colina, Chile. I also love this quote from its feature on ArchDaily: “With regard to materials, the building recognizes the inherent uncertainty and inevitability of weathering as a continuation of the building process rather than as a force antagonistic to it” which basically means “it’s gonna get rusty, so embrace the rust”.

Check out the story and photos here.

Julius Schulman


I like old things. Julius Schulman is 99 years old, the Case Study #22 house he made so famous is 49 years old, and this article is 2 years old.

Google Image Julius Schulman for a quick look at the work of the man who so stylishly publicized Los Angeles mid century modernism.