Golden Dawn Mixtape

Some quick Chocolate Truck crew action to hold you over before their 2nd DVD drops. Loved the first one.

Peter Rosenberg: New York Renaissance

New York Renaissance, mixtape, peter rosenberg

I’ve been streaming this off and on for a few days. “Renaissance” is a strong word, but there’s some listenable shit on this.

Download the free mixtape HERE.

Hot Butter Teaser

This is real dope–Chase Dehart flowing a line to promote the new “On the Move” mixtape that’s dropping soon from his Hot Butter crew. Definitely hyped to see the full mixtape after this…

CLAMS CASINO — Instrumental Mixtape

12 BEATS BY THE GENIUS PRODUCER OF LIL B’S “I’M GOD”, “I’M THE DEVIL”, “MOTIVATION”, AND “REALEST ALIVE”. Hailing from New Jersey Clammy Clams dropped his free instrumental mixtape to the cyber world a few days ago and honestly I’ve listened to nothing else since. Even if ‘rap’ isn’t something you care about… musically… these are all really compelling pieces of work that should be given some thought.


For full effect light a j, download this shit, slap it on your pod, and ride your bike better than ever before.


Pac Div – Don’t Mention It

Been into this latest Pac Div mixtape mini-album for a minute. It dropped late last month and is a good follow up to THIS. Download “Don’t Mention It” HERE.

Sites refer to these two Pac Div offerings as mixtapes, which sort of cheapens them a little. They are definitely better than that.

Cru Joness Mixtape


Maicol Chavez, who’s done some stuff with Defgrip in the Real Ninja past, like putting together an amazing Autophoto, has been DJing with his friend Chris Mekdara, under the name Cru Joness and they put a rad mix together for Defgrip. Download and check out all the info after the jump!


Andrew McMullen Mix

Andrew McMullen just posted a little holiday mix on his blog. This was his first attempt at putting tracks together and his song choices are dope! Andrew is always one of my go-to guys when it comes to getting new music. He has a great taste in music and a wide rage as well…

“I was going for a mellow work mix this attempt, maybe something you could play during the holidays who knows, some of the transitions are probably a little rough but hopefully this will be the first of more to come and I will get better at producing them!”

Check out Andrew’s mix here.


I came across this mixtape the other day and I’ve been diggin it. It’s a DJ AM mix with Travis Barker playing drums… They’ve been doing a bunch of stuff lately and were the house band at the MTV Awards. There are some awsome mixes in there and it’s pretty cool to hear Travis play drums over the tracks.

**UPDATE – Travis and DJ AM just survived a plane crash where four of the six people on the plane died. This is very tragic. If you haven’t read about the crash you can see the story here.

Check out their site here and listen to the album after the jump – READ MORE

wemakeitgood mixtape

Wemakeitgood is the blog of Shilo Design and they have some pretty damn cool content on there! (not that I would expect anything less from the guys at Shilo!) including mixtapes that they release periodically, I just got there most recent one featuring film scores and movie excerpts mixed by Alex XXXChange of Spankrock and I thought it was pretty dope, check it out its a few posts down now.


MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

I just came across this rad site called MIXWIT via NOTCOT.

MIXWIT basically let’s you create a mixtape from a built in music library (which isn’t bad), then let’s you embed a cassette like the one seen above onto your site/blog. You can also customize how your cassette looks.

It was pretty fun to whip this thing up, and a little less hassle than Muxtape. You can also see the tape move as you advance songs. Open a new tab and let it play in the background if you can handle the songs I picked. Enjoy!