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Miles Rogoish – Gap-to-wall.

This is one of those photos that plays tricks on your mind when you picture where Miles¬†actually came from to get to the wall and how he pulled back into the wedge. I originally¬†shot this as a composite so that I could have one photo of Miles on the quarter pipe on the left and one on the wall as you see here but it just didn’t have the right feel when I put it together. I ended up liking the shadow more than anything and decided to go with this single image instead. I also typically never light my photos with a single strobe but that’s exactly what I did here and it ended up working out. That just serves as a reminder to never get stuck using the same set-up over and over and to always keep your options open. Shout-out to the Stranger crew and Aaron Brenner for letting me shoot at the warehouse.

1/200 sec
ISO 100

Canon 1D Mark II N
Canon 50mm 1.8
Einstein E640 Strobe
Vagabond Mini Battery Pack
Pocket Wizard Receivers (2)
Sync Cord
Light Stand
Edited on a Macbook Pro in Lightroom 4/Photoshop CS5

Jeremy Pavia

Gabe Brooks by Miles Rogoish

Gabe with plenty of acrobatics, fist bumps and BMX.

Miles Rogoish ++ Subrosa ++ Defgrip

Here’s a cool piece on Miles Rogoish where he discusses riding, filming and how he got to where he is now, mixed in with some great clips from before he broke his collarbone.

Thanks to EVERYONE involved for hooking this up.

Interview by: Tony Ennis

Filmed by: Tony Malouf, Jeff Wescott, Tony Ennis, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palamere, and Lahsaan Kobza.



Ewen Chias Live Internet Income

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Here’s an edit the Subrosa dudes put together in Seamus’ warehouse.

From Ryan Sher:
Here’s a little warehouse edit we did on the G.U.T.I. trip to North Carolina. It’s also the same trip as our “Disposed”, and the Ride BMX article. They’re Seamus’ ramps in his parents barn. He also has a 3 legged goat there. The edit features Hoang Tran, Scott Ditchburn, Miles Rogoish, Seamus McKeon and myself.

Rogoish / Passero

Both of these dropped today and fully worthy of your time.

Miles Rogoish for Osiris and Craig Passero for Stranger.

Miles Rogoish / Subrosa Edit

Subrosa have added Miles Rogoish to the team and just dropped this edit. This dude is rad and seems to be a good match.