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Went and visited the site of our first jumps. This was shot over 20 years ago, Hambone, Mike Tag, @gillysmalls and myself.

– Steve Crandall


Crandall posted this on Instagram today and I couldn’t help but poach it to share here. It’s been a year since Mike Tag has passed, but he is surely not forgotten.

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Mike Tag Forever

FBM is reintroducing the Night Train (Tag’s frame), with all proceeds being donated to the Ithaca Skatepark Fund. Go HERE for more info, then watch this heavy edit FBM put together.

In case you missed it, check out the Mike Tag feature we put together in honor of him.


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Mike Tag’s recent passing has definitely been a major blow. It’s extremely sad when somebody has to succumb to a disease, and our thoughts are with Mike’s friends and family.

As I stated before… I did not know Mike personally, but there is a weird connection you feel to someone when you grow up watching them in BMX videos and reading about them in magazines. That’s Mike for me since the mid-late 90’s. Through FBM videos and such, Mike was definitely one of those riders that was just always there, in the scene.

This Mike Tag tribute features words from some of his close friends, as well as riders who were influenced by him. I simply asked them to write the first thing that came to mind about Tag. Click below to see what Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Chris Doyle, John Paul Rogers, Stew Johnson, Bob Scerbo, Van Homan, Brian Tunney & Leland Thurman had to say.

Rest In Peace to Mike Tag.


Mike Tag – R.I.P.

Rest in peace to Mike Tag.

I woke up this morning, saw the news and said “damn”. Very sad. I didn’t know Mike personally, but he was always in videos and magazines as I was growing up, which leaves you feeling like you know someone anyway.

Our thoughts go out to Mike’s family and friends.

Photo via FBM website.

Quintin auction for Mike Tag

This morning, starting right now, Quintin is auctioning off the above package of gear to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the Mike Tag fund. To bid, go to Quintin’s Facebook page or INSTAGRAM (@quintinco).

Here’s what the highest bidder gets:

1 – Quintin x FMB Mike Tag hat (the only one currently in existence)
2 – A USS Quintin Co hat
3 – A Quintin Tee
4 – A Quintin money clip
5 – A Pendleton x Quintin wallet (not for sale, and only given to team riders and brand extended family)
6 – A bag of Intelligentsia x Quintin coffee (not for sale, and only given to team riders and brand extended family)
7 – Unreleased Quintin stickers

The auction goes until Thursday (January 19th) 5PM – PST. The winner of the auction will be kindly asked to make the donation directly into the Mike Tag Fund, and in return, Quintin will send him or her all of the above, half of which is not available to the public.

Get in there!

Quintin with FBM for Mike Tag

Quintin and FBM have teamed up to make a special hat, designed with a tough and gritty look to represent Mike Tag and his fight with Lymphoma. To show your support for Mike, you can purchase these from your local shop or mail order, or ask them to carry it. All proceeds go to the Mike Tag fund.

Click below to see more photos and prebook information, and go here to read more and check out a compilation of Mike Tag videos for a dose of Mike Tag’s influential riding and, as Crandall put it, “calculated insanity”.


FBM’s Mike Tag Jam

FBM threw a fundraiser jam for Mike Tag in Ithaca this weekend, where they raised a bunch of money.

Click HERE to check out some pics and HERE if you wish to lend a helping hand.

Yeah Brother! Mike Tag Benefit

TEAM SHRALP is holding yet another epic BMX event to kick off the summer. This time it’s for a rider in need, Mike Tag. In support of Mike’s battle, TEAM SHRALP presents “Yeah Brother!” a street riding benefit jam for Mike Tag. Saturday July 23rd in downtown Portland, Oregon. Pizza party at Pizza Oasis (2241 W Burnside) starts at 12pm; hill bomb race is at 2pm followed by the street ride session. The after party will be held at the East End Bar (203 SE Grand Ave) featuring bands, babes, beers, and a whole lot more. $5 suggested donation to ride in the jam. All proceeds from the event go towards the Mike Tag benefit.

Detailed information:
The hill bomb race begins at the top of SW Vista Ave and Broadway in the West Hills of Portland. The road twists and turns all the way down to the base of the city and finishes at the SW Jefferson St overpass. One of the raddest and fastest hill bombs in the Northwest!

The street ride jam includes three spots: Lincoln High School, Bum Park, and Lovejoy Park. These locations feature amazing rails, ledges, stair sets, and gaps. You might recognize these spots from the classic video “Road Fools 2.” Mike Tag destroyed Lovejoy Park during the Portland segment!

After the prizes are given away and the raffle is complete an after party will be held at the East End Bar and Venue (203 SE Grand Ave). Bands, babes, beers, and some good times! This will also be a Mike Tag Benefit.

Please spread the word and come party with TEAM SHRALP on July 23rd! Thanks to everyone who has supported Mike during this difficult time.

-Dean Dickinson

Mike Tag Benefit Jam

More info HERE.

Mike Tag

BMX legend and OG FBM shredder Mike Tag has been diagnosed with Cancer, and like many people, he does not have health insurance. Hard news for sure.

Read about it all on ESPN and hit up FBM to help.

We’re pullin for ya Tag!

Click below to check out Tag’s part in All Time Low.