Flashback: Mike Mastroni Defgrip Edit

During Mike Mastroni’s worthwhile TCU podcast, they referenced the video above quite a bit. We posted this video that Mike (mostly) self filmed back in 2009, so I figured a flashback was in order.


By The Numbers: Mike Mastroni


We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next, is rider and filmer extraordinaire Mike Mastroni. Mike’s latest project for Volume has just seen the light of day, and I think he did a spectacular job on it (and also IN it). Learn more about The Finer Things HERE, then go pick up a copy for your library.

Click below to check out Mike’s By The Numbers Q&A. Thanks to Devin Feil for the pic.


Opinions: Deciphering Web “edits”, “videos”, “parts” etc…

When our friends at Ride BMX released word about the new NORA CUP for “web video part”, it sparked a discussion within the OTX office regarding the difference between web “videos”, web “edits”, web “video parts”, promos, what should be considered what and if there’s even a difference at all. I’ve seen lots of opinions regarding BMX on the web over the years, so I figured this would be a fun topic to delve into.

With that said, I hit up a handful of riders, videographers and industry folk to ask them the following:

In your opinion…

Is there a difference between a “web video” and a “web edit”? If so, describe how the terminology differs?

Should something labeled “web video part” be part of a full video, or can it be a standalone thing?

If a rider releases a new solo 2 minute (or so) collection of kick ass footage online, you would classify this as a…?

If someone releases a “one night at House park with the homies” thing, you would classify this as a…?

If a full length video that’s been in the works for 2 years, has proper art direction and production value is released FREE online, is it considered a “web video” or just a “video”?
What would you describe Fiend’s “FIENDING” as?

Does a projects method of distribution (physical DVD or online) affect your opinion?

Can product promos that feature great riding mixed with product info and images also be considered web edit/video/parts? Or are they just “promos”?

Click below to see what Ryan Fudger, Will Stroud, Mark Burnett, Darryl Tocco, Dakota Roche, Charlie Crumlish, Ty Morrow, Jake Seeley, Francis Castro, Mike Mastroni and Ryan Navazio had to say. Throughout the peice, new designations pop up, opinions differ and uncertainty lingers among some. Pretty interesting.


Liam Zingbergs

Liam Zingbergs just joined the Colony pro team and to celebrate Liam put this edit together in Cali, filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni.

Mike Mastroni

Mastroni puts a smile on my face. It’s always interesting to see what this dude cooks up.

Shout out to that slow-mo noise at 02:14

RE-UP: Alex Magallan Defgrip Edit

Considering Alex Magallan’s recent Ride cover/interview, I’m re-uping (for a second time) his Defgrip edit from 2010.

Boys good and deserves it.

Mike Mastroni on the edit.

Re-Up: Alex Magallan Defgrip Edit

Here is a Re-Up on our Alex Magallan edit casino great britain that Mike Mastroni so graciously whipped up for us a while back.

This edit is now open for embedding.


Exclusive: Alex Raban welcome to OSS

We are excited to bring you the first look at Alex Raban’s OSS welcome edit. This edit has some serious clips and Alex really put in a lot of work. Thanks to Mike Mastroni and Adam22 for hooking it up!


Mike Mastroni / Volume Edit

I haven’t even watched this yet, and I already know it’s good. Automatic embed.

Q&A: Mike Mastroni / Football

When it comes to Mike Mastroni, we are fans here at Defgrip.

Being aware of his PREVIOUS WORK, I knew that OSS Football would be in good hands with Mike behind the scenes. As an added bonus, Mike is also in front of the scenes.

Click below to check out a quick Q&A with Mike regarding the filming & editing of Football.


Exclusive: Alex Magallan Edit

While on a trip to Austin earlier this year, I had mentioned to Mike Mastroni during lunch that I would be down to work with him again and post whatever he felt like cooking up (since I’m a fan of his work). It turns out that Mike had some Alex Magallan footage and I said HELL YEAH!

Mike was kind enough to make this quick edit for us, so click below to check that out.


OSS Trailer

OSS, the latest project from Adam22 is getting closer and closer to it’s full release. The plan for OSS has changed a bunch over the past year but like Adam says on the Them blog “one thing that stayed consistent is that the team and I have been focused on filming for our first DVD, “Football” since day one”. The video should be amazing and the trailer is nothing but… Edited by Mike Mastroni, featuring Alex Platt, Garrett Reeves, Mike Mastroni, Jake Seeley, Charlie Crumlish, Craig Passero, and Rory Ellis, you know it’s going to be good…

Check out the trailer on thembmx.com

Jake Seeley Edit

Jake Seeley, who had the most viewed post on Defgrip in 2008 has a rad edit online edited by Mike Mastroni, who had the 3rd most viewed post of 2009. In a kind of related note, the photo above is a random shot I took of Jake at Woodward years and years ago…. Haha, how cute!! It’s pretty crazy how many kids I met at Woodward that summer that are killing it now… Jake Seeley, Chase Dehart, Shawn Garrett, Morgan Wade, the Snake Lounge Crew – Chad Moore, Tory Kish, Scott Marceau… And probably 1o other people I totally forgot about…  Keep reading to check out the edit and photo of Jake.


Garrett Reeves

Picture 22

Really enjoyed this Garrett Reeves video posted on thecomeup a few days ago. Cool use of spots and fast, smooth lines. This is apparently leftover footage, wonder what his ‘real’ part will be like?


Sven @ Random

sven mike mastroni bmx photo