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Mike Hoder

Here are a couple random photos of Mike Hoder from last week. Nothing better than a late summer day in New York with nothing to do but cruise around the city.


Animal in Seattle

Growing up in Seattle,┬áthe Greenlake trails were hands down the spot that molded me most as a rider and it was the place that I met most of my friends that I still keep in touch with today. Since moving away they built a skatepark right next to the trails… and who would have though that a kid named Mike who rolled up to the trails on a beach cruiser at 12 years old would be having a jam and signing autographs years later at the very spot that got him into BMX.

The jam was part of a little trip that Edwin and Mike Hoder took to ride and chill with the Seattle crew. You can check out all the photos from Animal’s Seattle Jam here.

Albion NY and NJ Gallery

In addition to the post below, the Albion has a great overflow gallery shot by Benson from his trip to the East Coast featuring Edwin, Hoder, and some of the Animal Crew. Check it out here.

Mike Hoder Photo of the Day

photo by Andrew McMullen

Mike Hoder is taking over Photo of the Day. Big thanks to Tom White for holding it down and keep an eye out for some good stuff from Hoder!

The Hoder

Lotek just posted some new photos of Mike Hoder’s signature shoe. Check em out after the jump.


Animal X 10Deep

Animal, Mike Hoder, and 10Deep got together and worked on a one-off ltd bike featuring Animal/Skavenger parts and 10Deep's signature Tiger Stripe camo. Edwin hooked up with Hoder and his new dog to shoot a bunch of photos of the bike.

Keep reading to check out the photos as well as more info on the project.


Photogallery: Mike Hoder by Edwin De La Rosa

Mike Hoder moved to New York about a year ago and since he’s been here, Edwin De La Rosa has been snapping photos and basically documenting Mikes time in the city. The collection of photos that Edwin put together here are a mix of Hoder shots with some great New York imagery mixed in. Keep reading to check out the gallery and a big thanks to Edwin and Hoder for putting this feature together!


Davis James @ random


Hoder & Friends

You know this is good. Real deal.

Join Mike Hoder as he rolls around NYC with his homies – Eddie Cleveland, Jackson Ratima, Def Paul, and Randy Brown.

Artist: Naeem Oba
Intro: “Hard Luck”
Main Track: “Break Bread” – feat. Itsrealight


Just want to give a shout to Hoder for getting on S&M! Check below for some old Hoder photos from a few years ago!! Shut it down this year man!



mike hoder

Most of the Defgrip crew has been down in Vegas for Interbike. We’ve all been having a blast and will do a big photo dump when we get home from the show. For now, enjoy the photo of Mike Hoder going off at NORA Cup!

Mike Hoder

Mike Hoder

Mike Hoder has a new video on the Lotek site as well as a new signature edition of the Mike Slims that are apparently beefed up for jumping down huge things. Check out the shoe after the jump and you can watch the video on the Lotek site.


Mike Hoder Lotek Video


“I was like, fuck it, I’m going dude” A new video of Mike Hoder from Lotek (via TCU). Check it out after the jump, along with the full photo you are looking at right now. Just look at Mike’s shirt + neck + arms. I’m excited to see what Hoder produces for the full Lotek DVD!