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We posted a feature interview with Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. Read up.


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It”s been a minute since we’ve had a nice big feature interview on the site, and I’m happy to change all that with this new piece on Mike Escamilla. Mike ( AKA Rooftop ) has had a powerful and interesting BMX presence for some time with plenty of video parts and photos to prove it. Never one to bite his tongue while simultaneously probably putting his foot in his mouth, it”s always interesting to hear what Mike has to say. His riding and history says the rest.

Click below to read the Rooftop interview.



THIS Rooftop/United part is awesome. EYEBALL IT NOW!!!!

This pic was pulled from the United Disposed.

Disposed: United in France

James Cox was on the recent United trip in France, and was kind enough to commandeer a disposable camera and snap some pics along the way.

I took these ‘Disposed’ photos in between filming duties on my recent ‘Pommes Frites Et Une Baguette’ trip to France, whilst the United team were riding street in and around the city of Paris. I tried really hard not to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower but I couldn’t help myself….

Mainly Featuring: Ashley Charles, Luke Peeters, Mike Escamilla, Alex Valentino, Thomas Calliard, Manu Sanz.


-James Cox

Click below to check out the pics.


Brian Kachinsky P.O.T.D.

In keeping with The Bakery theme, Brian Kachinsky (above left) will be taking over the photo of the day on the sidebar for the next while. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to Ian Morris for his service.

Rooftop: Random iPhone Photos

Rooftop was kind of enough to hook up some random iPhone photos. With all the stuff he gets into, you know this one will be good.