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Here are some visual nuggets to get you up to speed.


On This Date Last Year…

We premiered the Odyssey Palm Springs trip edit.

ODSY VISION: Aitken & Dugan

Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan in a Trans Am. Riding bikes. Filmed & edited by Joe Rich.

DO IT!!!

Mike Aitken / Incus Brand

Mike reached out to me regarding a new brand he is supporting, called Incus. Check the video above and read what Mike has to say below.

Incus isn’t just another brand….but a blank canvas that lets it’s artists be portrayed in his surroundings & which way he/she chooses…. With that being said we welcome you to our adventure. Incus believes it’s the choice of the artist what he/ she would like to create….have that be Apparel, clothing, or the jewelry that suites his/her taste & personality.

-Mike Aitken / Incus artist

Jeff Brown @ Random

Jeff Brown sent over a rad photo of Mike Aitken, check it out!


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Fit sent through the latest print ad featuring Mike Aitken from the current Ride. Shot by Jay Eichhorst.

Click below to check the whole thing out.


Aitken on Ride BMX

Mike Aitken has a cool interview up on Ride BMX where he touches on a bunch of topics.

Peep that HERE.

We were lucky enough to have lunch with the Aitken clan yesterday and got to hear some funny stories about his recovery. Everyone was in good spirits and Mike is stoked to be riding, which is all you can ask for.

Photo: Aitken in Action

Skier J just posted a photo of Aitken in action over on From Over Here. This is awesome! Go there for a bigger version.



Mike Aitken has pieced together a new bike in between physical therapy and other duties. Hit up the Fit site for more pics.

Animal Auction for Aitken

Animal is putting up two of their sample hats that never made it to production to help out Mike Aitken and his family. The samples look pretty sick and it’s so rad to see BMX come together to help, with all the dontations, jams, and auctions, it really shows how much people care!

Check out the auctions here and here.


Stew Johnson sent this Aitken shirt ad through. It’s got a bunch of your favorite riders sporting the Aitken shirt, and has a list of all the fine spots where you can pick one up. Click below.

All proceeds go to the Mike Aitken recovery fund.



If you live in the So. Cal area, check out some jams below that are going on this weekend.

Thanks to Dylan Ambrose for the flyers.



More promising news on MikeAitken.com (11.5.08).

Skier J pic.

Shoe Auction

There’s only a few hours left on our Auction to help Mike Aitken.

Click here to make your bid!