“For everything bad, mescal; for everything good, the same.”


Mescal, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, is a smoky, delicious Mexican spirit primarily produced in Oaxaca from the agave plant.

“It’s a really rad plant,” Bayer says. “The way it’s cultivated is very poetic and somehow very tragic.”

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Car Poolers

Car Poolers is an absolutely amazing photo series by photographer Alejandro Cartagena who camped out on a freeway overpass in Mexico, taking photos of contraction workers sleeping in the back of trucks. Keep reading to see some more images and check out the full series here.


Quintin Mexico teaser

Quintin Mexico – Teaser from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

A teaser for an upcoming edit resulting from the Quintin Mexico trip we featured below.

Concrete Drainage Pipe Hotel of the Day.

If anyone’s tripping through Mexico, you should stay at THIS place.