Mercedes Benz and BMX

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Europeans and Australians get lots of cool things that we don’t get in the US, and here are two more things to add to that list: A Bluetec Diesel version of the G-Wagen, and cool car brands aligning themselves with BMX.

Go to NotCot to view this very highly produced video featuring Danny Campbell riding “Wave Rock” in the Australian outback.

Carroll Shelby

Defgrip reader Reed Avery tipped us off to this amazing interview with Carroll Shelby. In all honesty I’m an auto enthusiast but have never been extremely bowled over by any Shelby automobile, as fast and notable as they are, they just seemed lacking in personality and class when compared to European cars. Not that I haven’t been impressed by them; I’ve just never worked them into my future budget the way I would a, say, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing or even a Ferrari 400i.

One thing Carroll Shelby is not lacking, I came to find, is personality and class. Whether you’re a Shelby fan or have never heard of him, I guarantee that if you watch this interview you will be blown away by the heart and soul that Carroll Shelby has put into his career, as well as the standards by which he lives his life and runs his business.

It’s an overdose of one-liners and inspiration and wise words to live by, from a dude that is days away from being 88 years old, and is still at the top of his game. Click here for the interview.

Mercedes Benz Hydrogen Concept


I love this thing even though it makes no practical sense. Check it out on Yanko Design.

SL Black Series


As a car manufacturer, when the recession hits and supercars are being unloaded for half-price, naturally the strategic next step is to drop an even more ridiculous model than the last.

If the CLK isn’t enough for you, there’s a second Black Series coming to the US. More than twice the price of the CLK Black, and in true AMG form, the SL 65 Black is overkill in every department.

Personally I’d still go with the CLK, which is an understated, blue-collar workhorse compared to this one, but the SL is spectacular nevertheless and definitely worth a look.

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CLK Black Series

Those of you Defgrip readers who are automobile enthusiasts are probably already well-acquainted with the Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series. About a year ago I saw one of these on the 405, knowing that it was some race or DTM version of the very familiar CLK, but at the time it took some research to figure out exactly what it was. At first I thought maybe I just loved it because it’s right up my alley as a semi-practical, front-engined everyday Benz with unreal performance and exclusivity, but in the last year this car has risen to worldwide acclaim.

A few months ago Harrison and I were riding bikes around my neighborhood and were blown away when we came across a white one parked on the curb. No back seats, 505 horsepower, neck-breaking torque, subdued styling, daily driveability, ultra-minimalist interior, 7-speed auto, bad ass.

I’ll spare you all the car-nerd research and just let you check out UK automobile connoisseur, Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson and his in-depth review of the car.

What you don’t see in this video is that it’s really just the very end of a much longer video where Jeremy reviews a long list of heavy-hitting cars, most of them far more expensive and exotic than the Black Series, finding something negative to say about each and every vehicle, except for “The Black” which wins the battle hands down. Clarkson loved the car and ended up buying one himself.

Thanks to the current economy The Black, which cost $130k when it came out, can be had for around $70k now.