Matty & Gabe

Matty Long & Gabe Brooks for Demolition. Put together by Chris Long.

Disposed : Demolition in PA / NC

Here is our 2nd installment of the Disposed series.

This time we have Demolition cruising through Pennsylvania and North Carolina with a Disposable camera while filming for Last Chance. The crew consisted of Jason Enns, Chris Doyle, Matty Long & Chris Long. This is what came back. I’m super stoked on this and shouts to Jason Enns. Also, they made picking the main image for this post easy for me. Thanks!!

Click below to view pics.


Matty Long Edit

Check out the latest Matty Long edit that Volume sent through.

Peep the Matty Long/Defgrip edit for good measure if you haven’t yet.

Matty Long Exclusive

Screen shot 2009-11-13 at 3.24.59 AM

Matty Long hit us up with an awesome exclusive edit put together by his brother Chris Long.
Click play and enjoy!