Flashback Friday: Artist Q&A’s

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Over the years, we’ve gotten our hands on some great artists and accumulated some interesting Q&A’s. I am a fan of all these dudes, which is why I reached out to them in the first place. These guys are still doing great stuff and you should recognize some of these names by now if you follow the art world. If not, click below to check out the interviews. They are are all worth revisiting.

Andrew Holder

Mark Weaver

Jon Contino

Frank Chimero

Wilmer Murillo


Mark Weaver Update

mark weaver

I’m such a fan of Mark Weaver… dude is too good.

One of the main things I look forward to seeing whenever I check my Flickr contacts, is new Mark Weaver stuff. There has been plenty of new work being posted lately, which is awesome.

Click below to check out some of my recent favorites and click HERE for Mark’s Flickr, HERE for his print shop and HERE for the recent interview we did.



Mark Weaver is one of those graphic designers that I was into as soon as I saw his stuff. The mix of random images and clean presentation made everything so interesting to look at.

When talking about his work, Mark says – “I try to give these old images new meaning and new life”, which (I feel) is exactly what he does.

Click below to check out a Q&A with mark Weaver.




Wow. I enjoyed looking through Mark Weaver’s stuff so much, especially his personal work.

Check out some rad graphic design HERE.