Acne Paper

The latest issue of the Acne Paper just came out titled ‘Manhattan’. As the title states, it’s an all New York issue, with interviews, photos and stories from a serious group of New York heavy hitters. My favorite article is the massive 15 page feature on the photographer Saul Letter… Seeing his images printed in large form on the beautiful matte paper is worth every penny.


Edits Quarterly

Really digging the navigation of this site and love the treatment to the photographs. This is an amazing way to present editorial content in a browser and even with the influence that you can see from print layouts, it is very well though out and enjoyable to use. I’m definitely tired of the people who just try to design a traditional print magazine layout and throw it online, thinking they are creating a online magazine… Seeing this layout and the quality of content is a breath of fresh air and actually gets me excited for the future of “online magazines”.

Check out the site here –

Albion 5 Cover

Albion hit us up with their fifth cover to post the other day, but our site has been messed and we finally got it sorted. Sorry for the down time and here’s a look at the new cover. Dope as always!

Dig 81 Preview

Dig just sent over a preview of issue 81. Keep reading to check out the contents and some layouts of their new issue!


Project Magazine Design Contest

PROJECT is a brand new magazine for the iPad that was released a few weeks ago. I downloaded the first issue and I’m going to have to say it’s the best iPad magazine that I’ve had the chance to check out… and I’ve been downloading a lot of them recently.

To celebrate the release of the first issue and to get ready for the second, the creators of PROJECT want to give emerging designers the chance to showcase their talent. The challenge is to re-design the front cover of the first issue. The top entries will then be featured in issue 2 of the magazine. The winner will also get to design the front cover of PROJECT 2, released early next year!

The designs are due on December 15th and if you are interested you can find a video with specific instructions here, all the assets here and make sure to submit your designs to the PROJECT facebook page. Good luck!

W Magazine Documentary

W Magazine was recently re-vamped by the lead of the new editor Stefano Tonchi. To give you a glimpse into the new style and direction of the magazine, W has produced a short documentary about the changes and what’s to come. The film gives you a great look into how a magazine is produced and the people that are behind each issue. You can check out the documentary on the W website.
via Hypebeast.

Magazine Covers

Just came across this great website – – with an amazing archive of Magazine covers. Old and new, print and digital, Cover Junkie has it all. Spend some time digging through the website and keep reading to check out a few of my favorite classic covers.


Them Thangs Magazine

This might be old news for some, but the magazine from the always talked about image blog – Them Thangs – is news to me! Curated by Them Thangs creator Justin Blyth, the zine consists of a collection of work from 13 artists, designers, and photographers. With an initial run of 1,000 copies and only around 100 left you can pick up the magazine online or at a select few retailers around the world. Check out all the info here and keep reading to see more of the magazine.


Rebelyell The Book

The guys at Rebelyell have just released issue 9 of their magazine… But this issue is more than a standard magazine. It’s their “Book Issue” and  it’s a 200 page, perfect bound, coffee table style book stacked with great photos, awesome design, and amazing content. Check out a preview of the issue after the jump and check out their website for more info.


Mark Webb Ride UK Cover Video

Ride UK has a quick edit up from the shoot of the most recent cover shot with Mark Webb. Check it out!


Old Photo Magazines

I posted on a camera I got from Michaela’s family when we were visiting them in Bratislava, Slovakia a few months back, but I also scored a few other amazing things. Fotografia and Fotografie were two photography magazines published in Czechoslovakia. The copies I have span from 1972 – 1974. The quality of the magazines them self is not amazing, but the photos inside them are. I’m not sure how distribution worked back then and if these magazines even traveled outside of Czechoslovakia, but Michaela’s family had quite a few copies of the magazines and I ended up coming home with a few issues. But while I was out there, I went through every issue they had, taking photos of everything that caught my eye. Not only were the magazines filled with great photography, there’s some beautiful graphic design and some great old ads for cameras like Olympus, Praktica, Pentacon, and even some local camera stores.


Dig Magazine Cover Archive


Dig Magazine has uploaded all their covers to their new Facebook Page, check out a few of my favorites after the jump.


Factory Magazine


The first issue of Factory Magazine landed in my hands the other night and I was blown away! Factory is a self published magazine from Vancouver featuring a handful of Vancouver artists and photographers, including some familiar names like Travis Collier and Kyle Scully. Not only was I very impressed by the work featured in the first issue, the magazine design and layout is equally impressive as well as the size and paper stock it’s printed on. I’m not sure how you can get a hold of an actual issue, but make sure to check out the Factory website that showcases a bunch of work from the artists featured in issue 1.



winkreative website

Winkreative, the creative agency spawned from Tyler Brule, the founder of Wallpaper* and Monocle magazines has updated with a wonderful new site and an amazing collection of work. If someone asked me what I want to do with my life, I’d just send them a link to their website. (via h(y)r).

Check out the new Winkreative website here.

Apartamento Magazine


I’m excited for my subscription issues of Apartamento to start showing up. Rebelling against the usual formula for interiors magazines, Apartamento will skip the perfectly-styled joints and feature the real-life ones. Looks like something that even dirtbag BMXers could relate to.

Check the Apartamento website here.

Check an interview with the Apartamento staff here from V Magazine via Selectism.