Mutiny’s Hanson Little scored the cover of the new DIG, which you can check out by clicking below.

Also, for anyone who gets a kick out of things like this, this is issue 69.


Sticks and Stones Magazine


Check out Sticks and Stones. It’s an online magazine with a great mix of BMX, art, and design.

Innovative Companies in Design


Fast Company Magazine has a list of the top 10 most innovative companies in design. topping the list is design firm Ideo with a personal favorite, Pentagram, coming in a close fourth.

Check out the list here. via Pentagram.

Monocle Fonts


The Font Feed comes through with another good post. This time it’s about the fonts used in Monocle magazine. Plantin and Helvetica are the fonts in discussion and as a lot of people know, Moncole is one of Defgrip’s favorite magazines, so you know we are psyched on this article.

Check it out here.

S Magazine


This is a good link for anyone who like’s hot girls and photography. It’s a bit NSFW, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The magazine is based on giving the contributor and editors the freedom to do whatever they want. “Why can’t one shoot a spread of naked midgets?”

Check out S Magazine here.


This is a few days old, but I just noticed it. Ride UK have a nice new website up. You can check out a preview of the upcoming issue too.

Check it out HERE.


I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to write about a magazine, as I am about the new Trails Issue from Dig. Granted, I’m a trail rider at heart, but this issue is a great piece of work and worthy of long term bookshelf space.

The Trails Issue has everything from great riding photos, photos of signs and all the little details that encompass a trail spot, to interviews with different scenes from all over the world and their riders (despite if they are well known or not). There is a lot to read and look at in this bad boy. The pic above is Justin Inman in a crazy berm, shot by Hadrien Picard.

One of my favorite spreads is the one with Jay Lonergan where he re-creates a pic from 13 years prior, at the same spot, and with the same flannel.

I think Dig captured a good overall sense of history and future of trails with this issue, and most importantly, a certain feeling. Pick up the issue for sure if it is up your alley.

Monocle Dialogues


I just picked up the new issue of Monocle and came across a few pages in the magazine that were dedicated to their new online features that I guess are just like radio shows/pod casts. I just made it to the site to check them out a few minutes ago and haven’t had the chance to listen to them, but I’m definitely excited to check them out. The have topics for each of their sections that are covered in their magazine as well as a feature called the “Monocle Weekly” covering news and cultural current events.

Check it all out on or on iTunes.

DIG 67

Check out a preview of the new DIG, and some photo overspill HERE.