In the span of a few short years, print magazine The Albion gave us a lot of material to chew on. We caught up with editor Daniel Benson to look back on it all.

Click below for the Q&A with Daniel, and be sure to check out some back issues RIGHT HERE.


R.I.P. – Ride UK Print Mags


Man… down goes another one. Ride UK Magazine (and all other Factory Media titles) will cease to exist in print and will turn their attention towards their online presence (according to word from Ride UK’s editor). No word beyond that, so stay tuned to Ride UK site. Shocking? Not really. Unfortunate? Yes.

Have a flip through their mag cover archive.

The Albion Online

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Just a reminder that The Albion crew continue to release back issues online. Issue 12 has just gone up and features (among other things) a great article on Morgan Wade which I previously enjoyed very much.

Click below to check out the issue.


DIG 95 – Creative Control

dig bmx mag, 95, cover, chris piascik, creative issue

Here’s your first look at the sweet cover for the “Creative Control” issue of DIG, featuring artwork by Chris Piascik.

Cover photo – Sergio Layos by Rob Dolecki.

Stayed tuned to DIG for more info.

The History of The DIG Logo

dig bmx, logo, defgrip, interview, will smyth

The DIG logo. Anyone who has eyeballed the magazine over the years is familiar with it. A chainring and interlocking hands; it’s pretty classic in my opinion.

Out of nowhere, I glanced at the logo one day (after looking at it for many many years) and all these questions popped into my head about it. What did I do next? You guessed it… harassed DIG Magazine’s Editor-in-Cheif Will Smyth about it.

Click below to learn about the history of the DIG logo.


Ride BMX #173

Tom White graces the cover of the new Ride. Shouts to Jeff Z on another great pic.

More info HERE.

First Look: The Albion #1

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Defgrip is happy to present you the cover to Albion #1.

My opinion? The cover looks great and it leaves me excited to see a physical copy. Simple as that.

In case you missed it, we previously interviewed Daniel Benson regarding The Albion, which will have a launch party on the 31st of March (today) in East London. The interview and release party info can be found HERE.

In addition, the Albion guys filmed a quick behind the scenes view of the printing process of the first mag. The video also contains little previews as people flip through copies. Click below to check that out.

Thanks to the Albion crew for hooking us up with all this.


Preview: Case Issue 5

Our designer Louis was screen printing some of his personal work and decided to see how the cover image looked. We were all into how it turned out so quite literally thought ‘fuck it’ We’ll run a screen printed front cover.

Netley sent through a preview of the next Case mag, which is out this weekend in the UK, and mid next week here in the states. Our boy Ardelean gets some love in this one…nice!

There is also a flyer for a jam they are putting on in Leeds.

Click below for it all.


The Albion

There’s a new project brewing called The Albion, which is a new magazine out of the UK. This release wasn’t meant to be public just yet, but the cat is out of the bag, so here we are.

Having spoken to the guys about this, and considering the talented people involved, it sounds pretty exciting. Check back soon for more.

Click below to read the rest of the release.


Preview: Dig 80

Will sent through this sweet preview of the new DIG. That’s Ruben on the cover looking smooooooth.

Click below.



ride bmx, simon tabron, defgrip

Click below to check out the full cover and click HERE for a breakdown.



Click below to check out the new cover of Ride BMX, and HERE for more info.



The new RideBMX just came through, with a beastly grind to hop over by Eman on the cover.

Click below for the full cover, and HERE for all the info.


BMX in Complex


Check out some scans, on The Come Up, of a fashion spread in the newest Complex magazine featuring a bunch of BMXers!


nine-ninety bmx magazine zine

Jared Souney just posted a PDF of a one-off magazine that he put together with Brian Tunney sometime around 1998 titled Nine-Ninety. It’s pretty crazy to check out all the photos and see how many dudes are not riding any more or they are just people I’ve never heard of. I wonder if one day, we are going to be re-publishing our blogs and reminiscing about how rad websites were like how people talk about zines today… hmmm…..

Check out Souney and Tunney’s magazine here.