Ludwig Van X Quintin “Scout Series”

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In keeping with Ludwig’s tradition of doing unique projects, comes the new “Scout Series” hats. These hats feature US Made WWII-era and Vietnam-era dead-stock canvas, and look pretty sweet if I must say so myself.

Click below for more info and to check out some detail shots.


Quintin / Ludwig Van / Mike Ardelean

Quintin sent through information regarding this new hat they are releasing with Ludwig Van and Mike Ardelean.

From Quintin:

We teamed up with our good friends over at Ludwig Van and have turned a cache of decades-old Burlington Mills (“deadstock”) selvedge denim into this new collaboration. The 6-panel cap features selvedge denim, leather embossed patch, stash pocket inside and a Mike Ardelean signature embroidery on the side, with the result being a clean and tonal snapback cap.

For more information on this project – visit HERE.

Click below for more pics of the hat, as well as a little edit featuring Mike and some behind the scenes stuff.


Mike Dytri on Breaks of 10

My old friend Mike Dytri is one of those “never not working” types that gets you pumped to go accomplish things, and on top of that I love the irony of him being such a “design guy” that you’d never know that, just for fun, he’s also a MMA killing machine.

I met Mike back in early 2000 when he was doing all of the creative for MOSH, which was a cool time because he was exposing all of us BMX kids to some fun stuff… introducing us to the staff at Big Brother, having our ads shot by fashion and skate photographers, and hooking us up with free custom-made, shrink-wrapped graphic tee shirts from his line Subfreakie.

Most recently, with his brand Ludwig Van, he’s collaborated with Vans to make an interesting run of shoes that have gone over quite well.

Read a quick interview with Mike at Breaks of 10.

Ludwig Vans

Last week we got to hang with our old friend Mike Dytri at the Fred Segal party for the introduction of the shoe he designed for Vans. This project is all over the internet but the best way to get the story is via this awesome video by TigerTiger.

Party galleries one and two.

Rust Heap

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My buddy Tim approached me like 1.5 years ago to create a cool looking bike to display at his shop UNIV in Encinitas. I made very lazy progress, enlisting the help of friends whenever the thought crossed my mind… a seat cover here, a headtube badge there, until we were done. All my favorite companies contributed (see who after the jump) among which was our friend Matt at The Laboratory who handcrafted a multi-layered textured paint finish that looks exactly like something that just spent a few decades at the bottom of the ocean.

In the end though, it’s just a BMX bike so Jim and I took a morning drive down to UNIV to test it out on the world’s smallest quarterpipe. Click below to see all the photos and read UNIV’s press release.