On This Date Last Year…

We posted this Tony Ennis produced JJ Palmere Lotek edit.

JJ Palmere for Lotek

Good shit right here courtesy of Tony Ennis.

Andrew Cast

Calling him Andrew Cast cuz that’s his twitter. New school coming up.

The Hoder

Lotek just posted some new photos of Mike Hoder’s signature shoe. Check em out after the jump.



New Loteks available soon.


Mr. Garrett Reeves

Garrett’s fun to watch. Dude’s good.

via – Lotek

Ditchburn / Lotek

Ditchburn gettin shit done.

Lotek Hand Dyed Tees

Lotek just got a batch of hand dyed t-shirts in stock. Check em out!

Shawn Mcintosh / Lotek Mixtape 2

Shawn Mcintosh holds down part 2 of the  Lotek mixtape series.

I feel like video potentially doesn’t do that last rail justice, but that shit is CRAAAAAZE!

Catching up with Eddie Cleveland

Lotek spends some time catching up with Eddie Cleveland. Jump over to their site to see what he’s been up to.


T.I.Y.B.O.L. – Grant / Passero

Here’s the first section of Lotek’s “This is your brain on Lotek” series, featuring David Grant and Craig Passero. All the edits that drop in this series will be compiled into the next Lotek mixtape DVD. Keep an eye out for more.

Any questions?


Enns / Lotek Spot

Does Enns always leave shoes at spots?

Chris Long for Lotek.

via – lotekbrand

Print Ad: Lotek

Rich sent through a new Lotek ad featuring Eric Lichtenberger, which will be in an upcoming Ride.

Click below to check out the big version.


New Lotek T-Shirts

Lotek just posted a preview of their new t-shirts that will be available in May. Check some bigger images out after the jump!


Lotek In San Francisco


A few of the Lotek guys have been in San Francisco on a trip and Rich has been updating with some rad photos.