New Year’s Drive — Photo Dump

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On the first day of every year, a hundred or so Porsche enthusiasts meet up for an early morning coffee in the Valley and then move swiftly through some amazing empty mountain roads while southern California sleeps.

A special thank you to all who get wasted on New Year’s Eve and make this beautiful experience possible every year.

Here’s an iPhone pic dump for all of you who enjoy Porsches new and old. Pics by (and of) Ryan Fudger, Dave Mavro, Jim Bauer, Brett Rubin, Matt Crooke and yours truly.


Russ Barone / Los Angeles

Here’s Russ cruising LA with VEESH in tow. Good combo. Eyeball the irieness.

Urban Outlaw short film

URBAN OUTLAW – THE MOVIE from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

This is quite a bit late, so if you like cool stuff and have internet access, you’ve probably already seen this and I apologize for the redundancy. If not, here’s a 40 minute short film about a guy who collects and customizes (and most importantly, drives) vintage Porsches. Even if cars aren’t your thing, it’s also a good story about how Magnus Walker emigrated to Los Angeles with nothing and built a pretty cool little situation for himself, involving industrial loft spaces, movie shoots, rock and roll, apparel design, real estate, and leather.

If you don’t have 40 minutes, the trailer is here.

On This Date Last Year…

We posted the Mutiny: Battle Los Angeles edit.

Joe Simon on the filming, editing and directing.

Timelapse Awesomeness

Los Angeles Edition.

Read more about it HERE.

Nike BMX Night in Los Angeles

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If you ride bikes and have never dabbled in the tranquil LA Tunnels at night, than Nike has you covered. They are throwing a jam this weekend, which should be interesting.

From Nike:
The event is Sat July 9th 7-10pm. Confirmed athletes are Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Nigel Sylvester and Chad Kerley. This will be a full production with smoke, lights, video projections DJ/music, free food, Chosen trailer, Snapsportz, Chosen Moment iD tee customization, swag and gear to win, etc. All the ramps are being built by Aaron Bostrom.

If you are in LA or nearby, you should try to hit this up.

Banksy – Livin The Dream

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I almost feel obligated to write about this since I’ve seen it a bunch on other sites, through my Tumblr and Flickr. I guess by doing so, I’m just adding to the hype, but whatever. I like Banksy’s stuff and make no bones about it. I also love when the haters come out on him.

Anyway… Banksy has been hitting up LA recently, and people have been coming across his stuff. Considering Exit Through The Gift Shop is nominated for an Oscar, none of this seems out of place. The above billboard takeover (I hate that term) on Sunset Blvd. depicting a coked-out Minnie Mouse and a sleazy Mickey is getting most of the attention, and even though it doesn’t scream Banksy’s signature style to me, it’s still rad. And it’s also now torn down. I’m sure more stuff will be surfacing.

Also, you can’t get more LA than ending up on TMZ, so I guess Banksy really is Livin The Dream.


Revok is one of LA’s finest graffiti artists, definitely one of my favorites. The above photo was just posted on his site and it combines a new billboard, a sunset, traffic, the ocean and palm trees. Doesn’t get more LA.

I also just watched a new video of Revok speaking on a bunch of various subjects, which you can also check out below. It was put together by EIKNARF.

Via – Revok


Bicycle Film Festival in LA

The Bicycle Film Festival is swinging through LA this week, and now all you West Coasters have the chance to peep the Mat Hoffman documentary as well as the Joyride art show which Edwin De La Rosa, Brian Barnhart and some guy named Spike Jonze have stuff in.

Click below for another flyer and go HERE for ticket info.


RIP Silverlake Walker

Any of you LA locals or visitors are probably familiar with the Silverlake Walker. You were guaranteed to see him any time you visited Silverlake. Sometimes I’d be taking someone new through the neighborhood, and I’d be telling them all about this guy, and then all of a sudden he would appear and walk right in front of us. Always shirtless, walking fast, always reading.

Just found out he died yesterday. People always thought he was crazy or homeless… but check out the video below the article! He was married and a retired doctor. Wow.

Here’s the article with video.

Pat Wang / The Bank Edit

I’ve been stoked on all The Bank stuff so far. Click HERE to check out a new edit with Pat Wang.

Q&A: Andrew Jackson / The BANK

Recently, a new website out of the Los Angeles area called THE BANK dropped. In addition to clothing, the site is focusing on original material with a bunch of people helping out. You can think of it as sort like a window into the Los Angeles scene (but not limited to). The site may not be updated everyday, but quality stuff goes up when it is. They just posted this edit of Kade Gates too.

I’ve only ever spoken to Andrew Jackson about THE BANK, so I threw him some quick questions recently about the site/project.

Click below to check that out.


Huy Doan @ Random


The Bank Los Angeles

The Bank Los Angeles site just dropped today.

The Bank looks to be an LA based (but not limited to) site involving feature short films, lifestyle as well as their own clothing line. They have a Jesse Whaley feature up now which you can watch HERE too. This all looks really good and promising.

I’m waiting on a Q&A, so perhaps we will have a little more insight soon.

Go HERE and have a look around and click below to check out a trailer.


Jay Leno – The Fast and the Famous

Even though Jay Leno is almost the exact opposite of funny, he’s got great taste in cars and a true appreciation for their finer points. Here he navigates us through one of the many hidden racetracks in the hills of Los Angeles from behind the wheel of a Mercedes SLS AMG (spawned by the original 300SL from the 1950s).

This reminds me of a funny quote from Scotty Cranmer a while back where he said he wasn’t feeling California because there are no good back roads for driving.

Click below to see the video.