We caught up with Nate Richter to discuss all things Golden Days, his shop in Long Beach, CA.

Click below for Q&A.



Wanna see Bad Idea? Get your ass to Long Beach.

Gabe Brooks

Flat tire repair.

Long Beach, CA.

Q&A: Aaron Bostrom / Neighborhood BMX

Chad Johnston and Aaron Bostrom are in the process of opening up a shop in Long Beach, CA called Neighborhood BMX. The 2 of them have been local to the LBC for some time, so this seems like a good move on their part.

I hit up Bostrom with some questions about the whole thing, so click below to check that out. Also, be sure to check out the Neighborhood BMX blog to keep posted on everything.


Long Beach by John Hicks

John Hicks always puts in some good work.

Here’s a rad mellow sun-drenched edit based around Long Beach that he sent through. Now I feel like chillin…..

Keep it coming!!!!


It’s been quite unusual around So. Cal the last few days. Not really unusual to most parts of the world, but if you live here, it’s like the end of the world is coming. It ain’t all sunshine all the time, haha…

Anyway, a pretty gnarly storm came through today with lots of rain and wind. I grew up on the east coast so I can attest that it was pretty gnarly. I was even kinda scared. We had a power outage and some spots even had Tornado warning’s. Like I said, end of the world type shit.

In addition to all that, some spots have flooded big time which Fat Tony did a good job of documenting in Long Beach, CA.

Autophoto: Jeff Zielinski

What better way to kick off 2010 than with an Autophoto from Jeff Zielinski?

Without a doubt, Jeff Z is one of the best photographers in BMX and we are proud to bring this feature to you. Jeff wanted to do a “Long Beach, CA” themed Autophoto and has provided us with a good mix of assorted photographs on the subject.

Click through and enjoy. Happy New Year!



Morgan Long With Orange HD from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

Check out Morgan Long shredding the Long Beach park, courtesy of Stolen.

Thanks to Wooten for the heads up.


My friend Tristan, who runs Proper (a Long Beach sneaker and clothing spot), has an interview up on Sneaker Freaker.

Proper has done some tasteful sneaker collaborations in the past, and this interview focuses on their upcoming series of Vans, which have an emphasis on materials and details instead of just slapping 5 different colors on a pair of shoes.

Check it out HERE.