Photogallery: Wacky X Games 2010

Ok, so here’s the deal….

A while back I came across this fancy disposable camera that had different designs (borders, hearts, etc…) on each of the frames. This seemed like a rad idea, so I bought it thinking it could be fun to mess with.

Lo and behold, X Games comes around and I figured I could take it along today and put it to use. I went to see street finals, chill a bit and took the camera along.

HOWEVER!!!! All of the frames were off inside the disposable camera, so any chance I had of lining up the photos went out the window. All of the fanciness is off center. Not my fault. I was torn about running these, but I said fuck it and decided to run it anyway (along with some captions). It was all an experiment anyway, right?? Haha… Enjoy!

Click below to check out the pics.