Audi and BMW Billboards


I thought that these Audi commercials were pretty funny and accurate because they made fun of Lexus, a car which no self-respecting car enthusiast would buy. But then I drove by their Santa Monica billboard which says “Your Move, BMW” and thought it was a bit weird, not just because it’s corny but also because comparatively, BMW is still actually a pretty decent German brand, in a douchey, 2nd-to-Mercedes-and-Porsche sort of way.

So it’s extra funny to me that BMW dropped a billboard directly across the street soon after, featuring the M3 Coupe and the word “Checkmate”.

Check out the story and photo here.

Insult to Injury – Audi commericals


Don’t let Lexus’ boring ass cars rob you of your identity.

Seriously I don’t even like Audi and I love these commercials. First this, now these two new spots.

Here’s the first one.

Here’s an even better one.