Levi’s + Nike + Omar Salazar

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s an incredible video short depicting a day of skateboarding and shenanigans. From theĀ Thrasher website:

“Omar Salazar and videographer Benny Maglinao are two incredibly talented dudes. Levi’s and Nike gave them the opportunity to take this video short into their own hands, and the result is something Hollywood production companies with million dollar budgets could only dream of making. Chalk another one up for the skaters.”


Click HERE to check out a Levis/Dakota Roche SoCal mix.


Click HERE to check out this weeks Levi’s edit featuring a bio/q&a with Dakota Roche.


Click HERE to check out this weeks Levi’s edit.

levi’s 2009 team mix


Levi’s just posted up a new 2009 Team Mix, which you can check out HERE.

Also, I just spoke with Will Stroud, and he mentioned that a new vid will drop each week for the next 40 weeks or something crazy like that. Sick.

The Sartorialist

I love The Sartorialist because, in addition to running his blog on top of his day job, his posts are always so eloquently written. He approaches fashion as a fan, rather than a know-it-all jaded “everything sucks” type. Anyone can knock bad fashion, and sometimes it’s funny to read, but The Sartorialist has no time for that. He merely observes what’s happening and highlights the good stuff, using his keen eye to spot great looks all over the world and articulating exactly what he likes about them, fully conveying the mood. I like that he sometimes shows “interesting” looks that he’s not fully sold on, but for the most part, avoiding lameness.

If you go to the site now you can check out a great commentary on real-deal self-aged denim, highlighting an article featuring Carl Chiara, design director for Levi’s Capital E and Levi’s Red.


If you were/are not able to get your hands on a hard copy, the Levi’s crew has uploaded a legit version of the Levi’s video HERE.

The video comes free with the current DIG, so pick one up if possible.

The Levi’s Video

We usually don’t do video reviews, but Will Stroud hooked us up with a preview of the Levi’s video the other day and I just wanted to let everyone know that Corey/Dak/Nathan’s part is probably one of the best video parts I have ever seen. Their part spans over two songs and I swear the last song is full of nothing but bangers. I was blown away by how much footage they had, or even all the riders for that matter, after all the web content they released over the past year.

I was really pumped to hear that Levi’s was doing a DVD and the result turned out great. Make sure to pick the video up when it comes out, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2009.