Check out: Florian Chevillard

A friend and I came across the design work of French artist Florian Chevillard, a.k.a. BuroLoco, and we loved it (I was especially into the awesome window displays he created for Hermes). Later on we were lucky enough to have him design the latest Lavar tees. Click below to read a quick interview with Florian and check out some samples of his work.


Nike – Destroy to Create

Here’s an interesting piece from Nike Sportswear, featuring some talented artists playing with the idea of ruining something to make something. The above jacket is made of a solid block of wood. See if you can spot the Lavar hat cameo. Video below.


Lavar on Streetphire


Tom from Streetphire was so kind as to post up this little article on the new Lavar release, along with an interview with yours truly. Wynn Ruji supplied the photos of me and Tom’s dialed layout allows you to get a better look at the tees than we even have on our own site, so thanks to both of you.

View it here.

Free Lavar Hat at The Come Up


The brand new Lavar website is up and running, with a click-through book of the new product.

More urgently, go to The Come Up right now and check out the Lavar/TCU giveaway. Check out the questions and then go to my Q&A thread to answer them, and we’ll send one of these to the first correct answer.


Check out a quick Q&A with our boy Mike over on Verde.

Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz


…Are on Lavar. More below:


New Lavar Hats?

Yup! If you weren’t at Interbike, here’s a sneak peak at the new Lavar hat by Estate Fitted.

Check it out after the jump – READ MORE