Neon Boneyard


Just came across an amazing series of photos by Pam Sattler on Iconology from the Neon Museum Las Vegas. This place looks amazing and I’m definitely going to have to check it out next time I’m in Vegas!


Dinner with Nigel and Gatorade

nigel sylvester gatorade dinner nobu

Right before Nuno, Andrew and I headed to Vegas for Interbike, we got an email from Amy at Fuse Marketing inviting us to a dinner at Nobu with Nigel Sylvester and some of the guys from Gatorade. The dinner was to celebrate Nigle’s new videos series with Gatorade “Because I Grind”. Unfortunately Nuno had prior plans that night, but Andrew and I headed to Nobu and had an amazing night!

At the dinner was Glenn PP and Mark Losey, who worked on the series with Nigel, Lauren and Kenny from Gatorade, Amy from Fuse, Frank 151, Maestro Knows, and Jeff Carvalho from Highsnob/Selectism! In addition to an amazing dinner with some great people, we got to see a preview of the Because I Grind series and they also hooked everyone up with an iPod touch loaded up with the whole series!! After the dinner we all piled into some hried Escelades and headed to the House of Blues for the NORA cup!

Huge thanks to Nigel for being awesome, Lauren and Kenny from Gatorade and Amy for inviting us to the dinner! The Because I Grind series drops on October 12th, so keep a look out for the videos on Defgrip and check out some photos from the night after the jump!


Las Vegas Patterns

las vegas patterns

While we were in Las Vegas for Interbike last week, Andrew and I initiated a little photo series. The idea was to seek out as many random patters as we could find in anything from cars to floors to candy and snap a photo of them. Together we came up with about 50 different images and I know that if we were on our game the whole trip, we could have captured hundreds more. Vegas is an interesting place and even though, at a glance, many people find it ugly and gaudy, there is some beauty tucked away in random places.

Check out all the patterns after the jump – READ MORE

Interbike 09!


Well I Just got home and I’m still recouping from interbike! I got word or “twitword”, that a bunch of people got sick shortly after leaving, makes sense! With the dramatic and constant change in climate, there being 100’s of people constantly surrounding you, + the never ending booze factor, I guess something had to happen eventually, right? well with that being said, I think these were taken while everyone was still well! of course this isn’t everyone that was there, just the people we saw maybe a hundred or so times as opposed to fifty or so times throughout the few days we were there!



Does anyone else think this movie looks awesome? Click below for the first (funnier) trailer.