Old Parked Cars

Old Parked Cars is exactly that. Tony Piff and his brother Ben (both BMX riders) live in Portland and post photos of found cars in their area. I particularly love the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz collections, but what makes their site great is the sheer variety. From rare to common to well-worn to ultra-weird… the only thing the cars seem to have in common is that they’re all interesting in some way.

Click below to see some of my favorites and then go check out the best of Old Parked Cars 2011.


Mean Land Rover


Check out thisĀ  article on one of my new favorite websites about a couple who drove their Land Rover Safari Defender from London to South Africa. Part luxe (high-end stereo, water filter, built-in beer refrigerator between the rear seats), mostly utilitarian (built in snorkel for river crossings, sand ladders, protective underbody steel plates), this badass truck took them 14,000 miles for charity.

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